Medio Cruz’ Politeismo Hits Reality

I intend to state my take on Medio Cruz’ Politeismo later, but the craving to spell out my thoughts is huge. Thus this..

I think the anti-Medio Cruz mob got it all wrong. They seemingly judged the book by its cover. And sadly, it connotes to something: either we do not understand “polytheism” or we do not understand our faith — and in order to hide it from people’s view, we automatically flex our muscles and bare our “religious” fangs.


2 Responses to “Medio Cruz’ Politeismo Hits Reality”

  1. Alfredo Condeno Says:

    malikot ang imagination ni medio cruz o kulang lang sa pansin ang taong ito o may problema sa pagiisip mr cruz bawat gawa gawin tama.

  2. roar Says:

    why cant these anti-cruz people accept the truth? his art is an imitation of the history of the xtian filipino faith, as i see it; and he unveils filipino’s historical polytheism. this is reality. why didnt they punish tarrosa-sunido’s poem “PAGANIsM”? they look not beyond the visual object…for chrissake… these devout people, in general, do not even know the history and blasphemy of the colonizer’s religion.

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