Politics in Disaster Management

Reading the latest NDRRMC report on Quinta, i can’t quite reconcile myself if this government is a liar or an effective data gatherer.

reminding myself that some individuals from different sectors claimed that the declaration of state of calamity for iloilo province is politically-motivated, my eyes caught the questionably absence of the Janiuay landslide on NDRRMC’s report. also, the municipality of Barotac Nuevo, one of the flooded municipality in Iloilo does not have a single damaged house (totally or partially).

on its report on the number of affected population, only the municipality of leganes was listed with evacuation centers. 18 evacuation centers to cater 893 families from 7 baranggays.

i can’t help myself but wonder if this ndrrmc report is a politically-motivated effort to block Barotac Nuevo from getting assistance. for all’s info, Barotac Nuevo is where the Biron’s (polls 2013 arch-enemy of the Tupases-cum-Defensors) hails.

their stupid politics can really put people’s lives in jeopardy.

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