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The Obama Oath Taking Ceremony (Speech)

January 20, 2009

The slave is now the President!  And he will become one of the finest leaders of the world.

These, I think, is the hidden message Barack Obama delivered under his inaugural speech.

Obama’s speech has side-swiped the Bush policy entirely.  Hitting specifically its (Bush’) inhumane war campaign, via his (Obama’s) declaration that “America is a friend of every nation”.

He wanted to play it soft, and yet bared America’s teeth by pronouncing its continued hostility against the “terrorists”.  Maybe he doesnt realize that some of the world’s freedom loving and free-thinking individuals regard his predecessor and its bloody foreign policy as the number one terrorist in the world today.  Or maybe he’s hitting Bush again.  It would be nicer. Tehee.

Part of his speech made me think of our President Gloria Arroyo.  As Obama declared that the “people will judge you on what you build and not on what you destroy (I think its another hit against Bush)” and that the corrupt government are on the wrong side of history, I wonder how did Arroyo recieved this blow.

Will she expect another call from Obama?

Hehehehe.  Of course.  That’s a stupid question.  The smart question is: when? Hehehehe.

(Click here for the complete text of Obama’s Inaugural Speech)

The Obama Oath Taking Ceremony (Prayer)

January 20, 2009

As the opening prayer was being delivered, I cannot help myself but laugh.

The prayer, as I observed, is all anti-Bush comment.  It is a big ‘thanks to the Lord, Bush is going, going, gone.  And may Obama be his complete opposite.’

And as the “freely elected leaders” part of the prayer is being aired globally, I wished for a second that the director of the coverage had a brief close-up shot to Bush’s face for us to see how did he took it.

But after realizing what kind o coconut GWB has, I let that wishful thinking fly.

Not without a laugh!


Dummy ends up in jail

October 1, 2008

THE dumbness of a man guarding a kidnapped trader rescued last Saturday in Quezon City led to his arrest after he went back to the crime scene hours after police raided the house and safely recovered the victim last Saturday.

Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response chief Senior Supt. Leonardo Espina identified the suspect as Rayan Domla, 22, a native of Cotabato City.

Espina said Domla could have gotten away with the kidnapping of Chinese trader Ka Kuen Chua had he not gone back to their safehouse after the raid. Chua was snatched in Tandang Sora last Sept. 10 and brought to 45 Belen street, Barangay Gulod, Novaliches while the suspects awaited delivery of the P30 million demand for his release.

Pacer operatives swooped down on the suspects’ lair and killed one of the still unidentified kidnappers and arrested another identified as Christopher Nanson, 31, of Camalig, Albay.

Espina said Domla had gone out for something and was not around during the raid. “However, a few hours later, while policemen and barangay officials were still in the safehouse to gather more evidence, Domla arrived and crossed the police line,” Espina said.

“Dito ay nagtaka na ang mga pulis kung bakit bigla na lamang siyang nag-cross ng police line. Nang sitahin siya, ang sabi ni Domla ay babalik daw siya sa loob ng bahay kasi may binabantayan daw siya doon sa loob,” he added.

Espina said they are still hunting down three to four more members of the gang.

Victim Ka Kuen Chua went to Camp Crame yesterday morning with Movement for the Restoration of Peace and Order president William Ho and MRPO founding chair Teresita Ang-See to personally thank PNP chief Jesus Verzosa and Espina. “Thank you for bringing me back home safe and alive,” he said.

Pacer records showed 99 kidnapping cases in 2001, 66 in 2002, 82 in 2003, 29 in 2004, 50 in 2005, 44 in 2006, 24 in 2007, and seven from January to September this year. – Raymond Africa


My Take:

I like this one. Made me laugh for five minutes, specially after reading Dumla’s reason wahahahahahahahahahahahahah!