Raping the Victim on Air

For the past few days, I’ve returned to my old habit: browsing the airwaves and listening for local news and commentaries.

Thanks for my tv gone, my radio has now my attention.

I happened to chance upon this Bombo and Super Radyo late night program, both discussing the rape incident involving a colorum taxi with a fake plate number, and a young lady, a nursing graduate and working as promo girl for Nestle Philippines.

I was apalled to hear that most of the texters are praising the criminal and villifying the victim. Some has gone too far by saying that the criminal is lucky to have a very young and pretty girl for the night, and some judged the girl almost automatically, as the real one to be blamed for her misfortune.

What enraged me most was the radio reporter and radio host show’s action: they read those kind of text messages on air, laughed and even agreed to some nasty comments, effectively sending a message to listening public that their distorted opinions and views on rape was correct.

What kind of media persons are these people? Grrrr. It seems to me that these colorum media persons are not knowledgeable about the ethics of reporting stories involving women and children.

The next time i hear them doing these very same thing, i’m going to name them.

2 Responses to “Raping the Victim on Air”

  1. rachamim ben ami Says:

    You should name them now. While their fellow broadcasters and journalists are being killed for dealing with really important issues these degenerate animals are bottomg feeding and pandering to like minded losers. They deserve no 2nd chances.

  2. khim Says:


    Silly newscasters. I wonder what school they’ve been to?
    And come to think of it… they are so proud of their jobs yet they just are just mere garbage…basura!

    Woe to them!

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