Invitation to Bikol Tattoo Convention 2009

DIGTA '09: 1st Bikol Open Tattoo and Bands Festival
October 22, 2009


Dear Fellow,

Good Day!

We are glad to inform you that we are going to hold the 1st Bikol Open TattooCon and Bands Festival on December 19, 2009, and that you, and your gang are invited.

Registration fee is pegged at P1,500.00 for each delegate. Proceeds will be used to finance two regular meals and three snacks, and the stipends for the speakers and judges.

Only official delegates are allowed to participate in competitive events.

Tentative venue will be the Naga City Gymnasium.

Attached is a copy of the programme of activities and the list of competitions.

We would like then to ask for your confirmation to attend and participate. You can text or call the following (Zenia/Bong Perida – 0928-2830336 and Carol Badiola – 0915-7724222) for your confirmation.

Once confirmed, we will send you the mechanics of the contests, registration and entry forms, and a copy of the pooled solicitation letter to help you produce the required amount needed to participate and compete. So don’t forget to send us your active email addresses.

Thank you very much!

In the Service of the Filipino People,

Ma. Carol B. Badiola
Project Coordinator,
U-X Tididits Productions


On Stage
8:00 National Anthem
8:05 Invocation
8:10 Opening Program
House Rules
Orientation/Presentation of Competition’s Rules
Roll Call of Sponsor’s
9:30 Activity Proper
3:00 – 4:00 Presentation and Judging of Entry for the other
competitive events
7:00 Closing Ceremony

9:30 – 11:30 Lecture 1 (The Philippine Tattoo Arts Situationer)
1:00 – 2:00 Lecture 2 (Tattoo Arts Trends)

9:30 Start of On-The-Spot Tattoo Contests
11:00 Scouting of Best and Worst Tattoos among the
3:00 – 4:00 Presentation and Judging of the open competitions
6:00 Submission of Judge’s Score Cards


8:00 Concert Opening Act
9:00 Awarding of 2 minor competitions’ winners
10:00 Awarding of 2 minor competitions’ winners
11:00 Awarding of 2 minor competitions’ winners
12:00 Awarding of the major competitions’ winners
4:00 Closing Act

(Note: List of performers and schedule are not final. It may be changed without prior notice.)


On the Spot Competitions:

1. Open (Medium – not more than 5” XX 5”) —- P5,000.00

Open Competitions:

1. Black and Gray (Medium) —- P3,000
2. Colored (Large) —- P3,000
3. Black and Gray (Large) —- P3,000
4. Colored (Medium) —- P3,000

Each on the spot competitors is eligible to participate in the 5 Open Competitions. They must pre-register the name of their models, the title of its tattoo (if there is one), and the year of its creation.

Special Prizes:

Best Female — P3,000
Other Surprise Awards!!!!

**further posts will follow**


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