Editorial/Political Cartoon: The Obama-Arroyo Agenda

their agenda

3 Responses to “Editorial/Political Cartoon: The Obama-Arroyo Agenda”

  1. yuki Says:

    sana ilagay nu rin ung ipinahihiwatig ng karikatura nu…

    un lang po…..

    hi yuki!

    di pa ba sapat yung imahe? 🙂

    para maunawaan ang isang political cartoon, dapat ay awarae ang tumitingin sa current events. 🙂


  2. Kaylee Says:

    1) I don’t understand ANY of your cartoons
    2) The issues you’re basing your cartoons on don’t seem to have any significant political importance-(when the point of most editorial cartoons is to parody very well-known controversies and issues–that’s how people get the joke)
    3) Editorial cartoons are intended to be: clever (puns, double-entendres, parodies, satire), sarcastic, thought-provoking, clear, and informative. I see none of this in your cartoons.

    Hi Kaylee,

    1. You must be a Filipino or if not, knowledgeable to Philippine situation and currents to understand my cartoons.
    2. Obviously, you’re in a different political playing field.
    3. With my 1 and 2 reply, I wont mind your 3rd remark. But regarding editorial cartoons in general, your description of it comes from the popular point of view which, of course, was based on an artists point of view. Well, i have a lecture series popularizing a new definition of edcartoons and a claim that edcartoonists are journalists and not an artist. I posted th lecture here in my blog. Its in Fiipino though.


  3. Kaylee Says:

    i’m sorry. that comment was really harsh. They probably are very funny from where you are coming from. Maybe I am just too dumb to get the joke.


    Its okay. And your not dumb. You just became my best example for my lecture.

    To understand the editorial cartoon, the reader must be an informed individual.


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