June 2009 Press Releases From Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea

I thought i should post these.  In order for your, Barangay readers to have a glimpse of the “other side”.

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“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-14 ]

Lee Myung Bak Group’s Ulterior Motive of

Anti-DPRK False Propaganda Disclosed

The Lee Myung Bak group is deliberately spreading misinformation about the north these days through the “Chongwadae,” the “Intelligence Service,” the “Ministry of National Defence,” the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,” the “Ministry of Unification” and other institutions.

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released its information bulletin No. 950 on June 12 refuting the false propaganda.

It says: The group of traitors is now leaving no means untried to spread misinformation about the north in a bid to build up public opinion. It is letting media use such misinformation as “the north’s preparations for a missile launch”, “restarting nuclear facilities” and “stockpile of ammunition”. It is also making phone calls to “legislators” to let them know about the above-said misinformation.

The fuss made by the Lee group about “information about the north” was prompted by its wicked and foolish attempt to calm down the anti-Lee Myung Bak resentment of people from all walks of life which has reached the point of eruption in the wake of the death of the former “president” in south Korea, get rid of a tight corner and justify the fascist suppression of the forces supporting the June 15 Joint Declaration under the pretext of “security,” the information bulletin notes, and goes on:

The secretariat vehemently denounces the Lee group’s opening of “information about the north” as another vicious anti-DPRK racket to incite the consciousness of confrontation with the DPRK in south Korea, build up public opinion on “security crisis” in a bid to weather the ruling crisis and justify its moves for confrontation and war against fellow countrymen.

The Lee group is sadly mistaken if it thinks it can get rid of the abyss of ruin through false propaganda aimed at inciting the confrontation with fellow countrymen and red herring.

The Lee group had better make an apology before the nation for its crimes against the nation, people and reunification and immediately step down without delay instead of working hard to prolong its despicable remaining days through such mean and nefarious anti-DPRK ruckus.


“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-12 ]

S. Koreans Called Upon to Deal Telling Blows at Lee Myung Bak Group

A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea issued a statement on June 10 on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the June Popular Resistance in south Korea.

Through the June popular resistance that raged throughout south Korea for more than 20 days the south Korean people fully demonstrated the indomitable fighting spirit and patriotic stamina to do away with the outsiders’ colonial domination and fascist rule and achieve without fail independent and democratic new politics, a new life with their own efforts, the statement said, and continued:

The resistance clearly proved that nobody can quell the people’s desire for independence and the need of the times and there is nothing to fear when broad popular masses rise up, united close as one.

22 years have passed since those historic days but the south Koreans have not yet been freed from the harsh colonial rule of the US.

The Lee Myung Bak group of pro-US conservatives, in particular, openly called for “giving priority to south Korea-US relations” right after its seizure of power and restored the harsh fascist dictatorial system, turning south Korea into a graveyard of independence and democracy and the worst tundra of human rights in the world where the independent right and dignity of the people are wantonly violated.

The Lee group has become evermore frantic in the confrontation with the DPRK alongside its US and Japanese masters in its crafty bid to escape the stern punishment of the people enraged by the political catastrophe, the daily deteriorated people’s living and brutal fascist suppression.

The situation prevailing in south Korea urgently calls on the people of broad strata to turn out as one in the same fighting spirit as displayed by the participants in the June popular resistance and make a clean sweep of the group of traitors and wage a courageous do-or-die struggle to greet the day of independence, democracy and reunification.


“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-12 ]

US, Chief Culprit of Nuclear Proliferation

The United States is wholly to blame for sparking a new nuclear arms race and a thermo-nuclear war as it is taking the lead in developing nuclear weapons. No matter how noisily it is trumpeting about nuclear disarmament, nobody will lend an ear to it.

The nuclear disarmament touted by the US has nothing to do with the efforts to prevent a nuclear war and defend the peace and security of the world as it is nothing but hypocrisy and deception.

The basic factor of the nuclear proliferation lies in the US quest of hegemony. The US policy based on the double standards is the main source of upsetting the world nuclear non-proliferation regime and disturbing the international stability.

The US is conniving at the development of nuclear weapons and access to them by the pro-US forces and its allies, backing them and even cooperating with them, prompted by its double standards and biased stand. But it is seriously calling into question the “nuclear issue” of those countries which do not curry favor with it and behaving as if it were a “nuclear judge.” This is the height of sarcasm.

The US has undisguisedly pursued a policy of nuclear blackmail, ignoring the requirements of the NPT and the obligations under it, while frantically stepping up the preparations for mounting a preemptive nuclear attack on other countries any moment.

The Korean peninsula is exposed to the biggest danger of a nuclear war in the world.

The US war maniacs are threatening to mount a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK without any advance warning after singling it out as one of the targets of their preemptive nuclear strikes.

It is self-evident that the DPRK can never abandon its nuclear deterrent unless the US nuclear threat is removed.

The US contends that it should have a monopoly of nukes while other countries should not be allowed to have access to them and it is free to brandish its nuclear stick and attempt to mount a preemptive nuclear attack while other countries should not be allowed to have any nuclear deterrent to counter it. What brigandish logic it is.

If the US is truly interested in preventing the spread of nukes, it should cease the modernization of nuclear weapons and take the lead in nuclear disarmament.


“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-12 ]

June 10 Independence Movement, Struggle for Independence against Outsiders

June 10 this year is the 83rd anniversary of the June 10 Independence Movement waged by the Korean people against Japan. The movement was an eruption of their pent-up grudge and resentment against the Japanese imperialists’ ferocious colonial rule over Korea and a massive patriotic struggle to get back the territory of the country occupied by the latter and achieve the sovereignty of the nation.

Through the movement the Korean people displayed their indomitable will and patriotic stamina to achieve independence and sovereignty without fail, disclosed the Japanese imperialists’ barbarity and the deceptive and crafty nature of their “cultural rule” and dealt telling blows at their colonial rule.

Decades have passed since the movement but the southern half of Korea is still trampled underfoot by foreign armed forces. This has prevented the national sovereignty from being achieved nationwide.

The reality goes to clearly prove that it is impossible to expect reconciliation and unity of the nation and independent reunification of the country nor is it possible to escape war disaster as long as foreign forces’ moves for aggression are connived at and the Lee group, following them, is allowed to remain in force.

Koreans who love the country and the nation and value its dignity and sovereignty should join the ranks of people out in the nationwide struggle for independence against outsiders. It is necessary to check and foil the scenario for establishing the “triangular military alliance” involving the US, Japan and south Korea and the reckless racket kicked up by the belligerent forces at home and abroad to ignite a war of aggression against the DPRK and resolutely smash the Japanese reactionaries’ wild ambition to stage a comeback to Korea.


“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-13 ]

Political Terrorism

The death of former “president” of south Korea Roh Moo Hyun was a politically motivated premeditated and deliberate terror and shuddering murder committed by the pro-US conservative forces of south Korea according to their despicable scenario for politically motivated retaliation.

What merits a serious attention is that the case was neither mere revenge of those “in power” upon those who “lost power” nor the murder prompted by hostility towards Roh.

The case was an unprecedentedly brutal action and a hideous anti-reunification fascist man-killing farce intended to suppress and eliminate the forces struggling to achieve national independence and reunification through alliance with the north and scrap the historic October 4 Declaration. The Lee Myung Bak group dealt a politically fatal blow at the man who signed the declaration and thus forced him to commit a suicide, bringing to light once again its traitorous act of denying the declaration and ambition for confrontation with fellow countrymen contrary to national reconciliation and unity and independent reunification.

Now people’s indignation and grudge against the Lee group of traitors are towering in south Korea in the wake of the death of the former “president.” South Korean people from all walks of life are unanimous in saying that the death of Roh was “a politically motivated murder by the Lee Myung Bak regime” and “de facto death caused by torture” and strongly demand traitor Lee make an apology for it and call for “wholesale resignation of the Cabinet” and “investigation into the state administration.”

With no sleight of hand can the Lee Myung Bak group evade the responsibility for the tragic death nor can it bar the resentment of the people from developing into all-people resistance.

The Lee group will surely have to pay dearly for its unprecedented crimes.


“Naenara” News – Statement & Commentary     [ 2009-06-14 ]

Lee Myung Bak Group’s “Story about Counterfeit Money” Rebuked

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea on June 12 gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA refuting the racket kicked up by the south Korean puppets against the DPRK over the “story of counterfeit money,” pursuant to the US policy:

The right-wing conservative media in south Korea including Dong-A Ilbo are floating stories that in November last year the Pusan local police office uncovered and arrested four south Koreans who tried to circulate counterfeit 100 US dollar notes after smuggling them into south Korea from China and the investigation resulted in clearly proving that those were counterfeited in the north.

Meanwhile, the puppets and the intelligence authorities of the US are spreading the fiction, claiming that they agreed to tighten the watch over China and other countries where “counterfeit money” is in circulation in order to check the smuggling of “the north’s counterfeit money” and to intercept the shipment of various materials which can be used for counterfeiting.

The “story about counterfeiting” was concocted by the Bush administration in the past in a bid to justify the financial sanctions against the DPRK. But when the story turned out to be a plot of the CIA it became a laughing stock of the world and the US stopped talking about it any longer as it was nothing but a poor scenario with neither plausibility nor evidence.

As widely known to the world, it is south Korea and the US where counterfeit money is openly circulated and all sorts of irregularities and swindles are rampant.

This being a hard reality, the puppets, in league with the US, revived the outdated anti-DPRK scenario which had been thrown into the dumping ground after its true nature was brought to light. This only reveals the deplorable position of those forces hostile to the DPRK in which they find themselves, much upset by their failure to seek a pretext for imposing additional “sanctions” against the DPRK over its just measure for bolstering up its nuclear deterrent for self-defence.

The Lee Myung Bak group would be well advised to stop peddling the US hackneyed scenario that can convince no one so that it may not suffer bitter shame and confess to all cases of irregularities and corruption.


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