Editorial Cartoon: Tulog

nasa pansitan

O nagtutulug-tulugan?


2 Responses to “Editorial Cartoon: Tulog”

  1. Mark Angelo Sales Says:

    there so many words on your cartoon that is not needed

  2. barangayrp Says:

    1. letters are images.

    when used in editorial cartoons, letters are automatically classified as images.

    2. the issue was unpopular. the philippine government has shielded this from the media. only a few reports were posted, printed and aired. thus, in order for the cartoonist to deliver the message, the cartoonist used ‘words’. the reason why the cartoonist labeled the blast with such.

    3. as journalist, the cartoonist thought of fairly delivering the message. in filipino culture, dream imagery always include ‘words’, and so as to make the entire image focused on its main idea, the cartoonist used this kind of imagery, instead of the illustration type of presenting a dream. (remember, editorial cartoonist s are no artist, they’re journalists, so the idea of ‘illustrating’ is out of the quesion.)

    4. lastly, cartoons-with-less-words-are-better thing is not a journalist thing, it is an artist thing. i am promoting editorial cartooning as part of journalism, not of fine arts. please read my piece on EDITORIAL CARTOONING IN JOURNALISM(lektyur). you can read it here…


    thank you for your comment though. Happy New Year!


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