Prosecutor declines to open bank accounts


STATE prosecutor John Resado is not willing to open his bank accounts for scrutiny in light of allegations he was bribed to dismiss criminal charges against the so-called Alabang boys.

In a letter to the House oversight committee on dangerous drugs which is investigating the alleged bribery, Resado said he was declining to waive his rights, also invoking his constitutional right to privacy.

Resado, when he returned to testify before the committee last Friday, denied allegations contained in an anonymous letter that he deposited P800,000 on Dec. 2, 2008 in his account with the Banco de Oro SM Bacoor branch in Bacoor, Cavite, the same day he came out with a joint inquest resolution dismissing the drug charges against Richard Brodett, Joseph Tecson and Jorge Joseph who were arrested in September last year.

The same letter said Resado’s wife also received the same amount on the same day but Resado has denied it, saying the P800,000 in his account was a revolving fund from their money lending business.

(Justice Undersecretary Ricardo Blancaflor yesterday said there was no P2.6 million deposited in his bank account, belying allegations he received a bribe to push for the release of the so-called Alabang Boys. Story on Page 3)

Rep. Antonio Cuenco (Lakas, Cebu), senior vice chair of the committee, said Resado’s refusal is “proof that he is hiding something.”

“Resado is afraid that his wrongdoings will be exposed,” he said.

Cuenco also said if the committee would not be able to pin Resado on bribery charges, it will use other options.

He said the committee will go after Resado Al Capone style, referring to what the FBI did to the Italian-American gangster of the 1920s and 30s whose criminal career ended with charges of tax evasion.

He said Resado did not report the income from the money lending business in his statement of assets and liabilities or income tax return.

“There is no permit from the Central Bank on his lending business and his business has been overcharging. The Supreme Court said the interest rates should not be more than 1.5 percent per month,” Cuenco added.(Malaya)


My Take:

While I agree that Resado must be tried for any wrongdoing he did, I can not help but raise my eyebrows in mockery to the House of Representatives’ obvious maneuvering to throw in the blanket to protect the PDEA.  Watching the House inquiry on this matter convinces me that the House is not inquiring about the circumstances lying around the “Alabang Boys incident”.  Instead, they busy themselves on ruining Resado’s credibility and not accepting the possibility that Resado is actually saying an inch of truth.

The House panel has obviously reached a verdict.  They believe that GMA’s men Santiago and Gonzalez must be cleaned.  And the only way to do that is to make the public believe that the PDEA and DOJ is clean white and the only dirty being is Resado.

Kawawang Resado.  Tsk tsk tsk!

One Response to “Prosecutor declines to open bank accounts”

  1. Philarious Says:

    I heard from somebody that this mess became public because the split of the bribe money wasn’t fair. I’m sure if it were true, P800,000 for Resado is miniscule compared to what others received. The bank accounts of others in PDEA, DOJ and NBI should be opened too. This of course is almost impossible to do.

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