The Obama Oath Taking Ceremony (Speech)

The slave is now the President!  And he will become one of the finest leaders of the world.

These, I think, is the hidden message Barack Obama delivered under his inaugural speech.

Obama’s speech has side-swiped the Bush policy entirely.  Hitting specifically its (Bush’) inhumane war campaign, via his (Obama’s) declaration that “America is a friend of every nation”.

He wanted to play it soft, and yet bared America’s teeth by pronouncing its continued hostility against the “terrorists”.  Maybe he doesnt realize that some of the world’s freedom loving and free-thinking individuals regard his predecessor and its bloody foreign policy as the number one terrorist in the world today.  Or maybe he’s hitting Bush again.  It would be nicer. Tehee.

Part of his speech made me think of our President Gloria Arroyo.  As Obama declared that the “people will judge you on what you build and not on what you destroy (I think its another hit against Bush)” and that the corrupt government are on the wrong side of history, I wonder how did Arroyo recieved this blow.

Will she expect another call from Obama?

Hehehehe.  Of course.  That’s a stupid question.  The smart question is: when? Hehehehe.

(Click here for the complete text of Obama’s Inaugural Speech)

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