(Fertilizer Fund Scam) The Araos Ordeal

Why are our senators soooooooooooooooo dumb. All of them are talkers, but none of them are walkers.

As I am watching today’s senate fertilizer fund scam inquiry, i can’t help but recognize the fact that araos, a very good star witness prospect, is taking all the beating.

with jinggoy acting as a goon, lacson as sulsulero, and gordon as the bright boss with enrile as the godfather, aytona and paule is practically enjoying the show as the limelight dances away from them.

in my own perception, aytona and paule are the ones behind the show. you know… a hardened liar can go lie all the way to hell. even satan can’t recognize if they were lying. but the likes of araos and gregorio? naa-ah. they’re both victims of circumstances, who were unwittingly and wittingly (at some point) used as pawn to advance the interest of some corrupt personalities.

Our dumb senators are so dumb on focusing on araos’ sign on the MOA. As Araos’ goes on denying that she’s aware of and signed such MOA, the goon Jinggoy requested for a specimen of Araos’ sign as he stands by ala-goon.

They didnt even thought about the possibility that due to the scams character, the operators behind it must resort to “people-using, sign-using, name-using” tactic. They didnt have any inkling that what Araos’ is saying is not “denying her sign” on the MOA. It might be a denial that she did not sign the MOA, EVEN IF SOME SPECIALIST AUTHENTICATES THAT ARAOS SIGN.

They didnt even think about Photoshop. Or GIMP. (Now that’s a joke tehee.)

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  1. Dyansen Says:

    I completely agree,

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