LONGEST FOOTBALL GAME Barotac Nuevo bats for Guinness record

By Nestor P. Burgos Jr.

Visayas Bureau

First Posted 05:14:00 01/19/2009

Filed Under: Soccer, records

ILOILO CITY—Residents of the football-crazy town of Barotac Nuevo cheered “goal!” each time a player scored. Two hundred sixty nine times to be exact. In what could be a new world record, two teams played football continuously for 35 hours and 20 minutes starting at 8:35 a.m. Friday until 8:15 p.m. Saturday on the football field at the public plaza of the town, 30 kilometers northeast of Iloilo City.

After nine games, the Iloilo State College of Fisheries (ISCOF) team won by scoring 136 goals against the 133 of the Barotac Nuevo Comprehensive High School (BNCHS) team. Each team won eight games and played to a draw three others including the last game.

“We believed we have set a new world record and the players are happy despite the fatigue,” Duffie Botavara, general secretary of the Barotac Nuevo Football Club and the Iloilo Football Association, said in a telephone interview.

Botavara said the previous record for the longest football game played was 31 hours in Australia. Aside from aiming for the record of the longest game played, Botavara said they also wanted to set the record for the most number of games played continuously.

Cheered by their town-mates, the two teams composed of 18 persons each played nine 90-minute games. Each game has two 45-minute halves with a 10-minute break between halves. Nine referees working in three shifts officiated the game.

Botavara said because of the duration of the game, they slightly modified the rules and a “floating substitution” format was adopted.

This allowed the unlimited substitution of players who returned to the game even after they have been substituted. Football regulations allow only two substitutions per game and players who have been replaced cannot return to the game.

“We ensured that at any given time, nine to 10 players from each team were on the field while the others rested,” said Botavara.

The players did not sleep and only rested at the players’ quarters where they also ate, said Botavara. The BNCNHS was composed of players 17 years old and below while the ISCOF players belonged to the collegiate division. Each team had a member of the national team.

“Many wanted to join the game but we had to turn them down because of the limited number of players allowed,” said Botavara.

For the special game, lights were installed at the public plaza for the first time but a white colored ball was used in the evening for easier visibility.

Botavara said around 3,000 residents flocked to the football field at its peak to watch the game and encourage the players.

The organizers of the event will send a video of the game to the Guinness World Records to authenticate and make the new record official.


22 Responses to “LONGEST FOOTBALL GAME Barotac Nuevo bats for Guinness record”

  1. Yoyon Sugiono Says:

    Nice blog…

  2. Iloilo Classifieds Says:

    Barotac Nuevo football legends! they are…

  3. Monchu Says:

    PFF should move their HQ from the congested and controversial office along Shaw Blvd, to Barotac Nuevo – and hopefully our PFF leaders get contaminated by the passion and love for football of the Barotac Nuevo fans, and finally start working toward the improvement of the sport in our country.

  4. AlexSorent Says:

    Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.

  5. laciter bedia Says:

    hi just wondering wheres the names of the organisers????? they should be given some credit aswell….

  6. rolando carvajal Says:

    wla kayong kwenta mgpatakbo ng football jan… halos lahat kau jan korakot lalo na yan c dofie…. nilalagy mo lg sa bulsa ung pera na bnfc … mahya ka naman.. mahya kaung lahat….

  7. Elmer Bedia Says:

    i would like to thanks every one for supporting my project the world football marathon esp to all barotacnon mabuhay kayong lahat We probe to the world that theres no impossible kung ang bawat isa ay nagtutulungan hopefully ill be back next year to help the kids to come here sa AUSTRALIA KAYA AKO nagtatrabaho ng todo dito para makatulong sa mga bata dyan sa my beloved town BAROTAC NUEVO KAYA MARAMING SALAMAT SA MGA NAG SUPPORT ESP

  8. Elmer Bedia Says:

    i would like to thanks every one for supporting my project the world football marathon esp to all barotacnon mabuhay kayong lahat We probe to the world that theres no impossible kung ang bawat isa ay nagtutulungan hopefully ill be back next year to help the kids to come here sa AUSTRALIA KAYA AKO nagtatrabaho ng todo dito para makatulong sa mga bata dyan sa my beloved town BAROTAC NUEVO KAYA MARAMING SALAMAT SA MGA NAG SUPPORT ESP SA

  9. Elmer Bedia Says:

    Ating kapuso gma my air force ex teammate sa lahat na mga player iscof and my beloved school bnnchs sa mga coaches mabuhay and maraming salamat elmer bedia mr football of philippines sana mag tulong tulongan na lang tayo para sa football ng pilinas

  10. jennifer estabilla Says:

    to mr. elmer bedia… how are you related to mr. eliseo bedia sr. from tiwi? thanks

  11. pinky sandoval Says:

    geez… pls. give me some updates regarding this football stuff… thaks

  12. glycel bisuelo Says:

    well done barotacnon’s for doing such a good job organizining a football marathon. it was amazing!

  13. nadine Says:

    picture sang mga footbolero

  14. nadine Says:

    ang tanan gd snda o bisan indi nalang pwd

  15. pat bayona flores Says:

    masami nga hambal kang mga tao nga kon ikaw organiser kang event gina bulsa mo ang kita. kuota be pre bulsa na kon may kuarta? sigurado ako nga resibo kang refund lang. porbahe be pre mag organise para man an mo kon may ma kurakot kaw. be glad na lang nga may mga tao nga pareho sa ila nga bisan amo sina ka pigado pangabuhi naga tinguha madala sa world guinness of record ang banwa ta. Say mo? durupi lang nga abroad kag mag donate ah.

  16. pat bayona flores Says:

    to mr. duffy botavara, not because your dad was my principal i put a defence on you but because your group and you respective has a pure purpose to let the world know we are the best amongst the best. Keep the good job , as a barotacnon I am very proud of you and your group for your efforts to make our town known to the whole world. GOD BLESS.

  17. edgar Says:


  18. Capt. Carlos Bedia Dongor Says:

    What else but footbal?
    It’s a bit sad to think that very few of us Filipinos know how football drives the world crazy. Does anybody know that footbal caused a a war in Latin America?
    We put too much emphasis on sports where our natural body build does not meet the requirements (with due respect to other sport fanatics). Take boxing for example. The weight requirement gives us the chance to excel and even so, the great Manny Pacquiao set the world record for the most number of weight divisions won.
    In football, the ball is on or near the ground most of the time so height is no big advantage. How tall is Diego Maradona? Isn’t he comparable to the average Filipino?
    Having played with the Barotac Nuevo First Eleven as a kid, what I have now is the passin for the sport. I even assisted the main organizer Elmer “Laknit” Bedia (my relative and former teammate) during the record-breaking game. (I did not sleep the whole night because the players had to be assisted and pulled out of their resting quarters during the cold dawn of the second day.) But after seing many parts of the world as a seafarer, it gives me a feeling of loss knowing that our country could be given due recognition in the world’s most popular sport had we realized that it is here where we may compete fairly well. It is also worth mentioning that even the Olympics – with so many sport events including football itself ranks only second to the FIFA World Cup in terms of spectatorship and passionate support.
    So wake up my beloved countrymen! Barotacnons had played the longest football game ever but our identity with the sport needs a big boost.

    Capt. Carlos Bedia Dongor, M.M.

    P.S Pls. Email Carbedon@yahoo.com for personal comments.

  19. Capt. Carlos B. Dongor Says:

    Dear Barangay Rp Team,
    I wonder why my comments on this article are not included till now. I did it earlier this month and am trying to see any reactions to my opinion regarding the plight of soccer football in the Philippines; now that we from Barotac Nuevo have somehow set a world record so to speak.
    Is it because my comment was too long and took too much space? It was at first marked as “For further evaluation” or to that similar effect.
    Plrease reconsider.
    Many thanks,
    Capt. Carlos B. Dongor, M.M.

  20. edgar Says:

    full credit to my mate all the best, god bless you

  21. aldhumar Says:

    what if the the barotac nuevo dream to have the football coliseum… to be the first in the philippines…….

  22. silvino paranga Says:

    matabo na if mag unite mga barotacnon, especially kun magbulig ang mga taas nga opisyal dira sa barotac nuevo,

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