Hunger stalks remote Samar villages

By Joey A. Gabieta
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:54:00 01/18/2009

Filed Under: Poverty, Food

TACLOBAN CITY, Philipines—Hunger now stalks over 7,000 residents of two island-barangays of Guiuan, Eastern Samar as food supplies could no longer reach them due to continuous rains and strong winds.

The historic island of Homonhon and of Suluan Island has become isolated as travel to the town proper for food has become impossible because of the bad weather, according to Guiuan Mayor Annaliz Kwan.

“I really feel hopeless. I want to help our people there but could not do anything except to pray for the weather condition to improve so we can deliver food to our people there who have been suffering for a week now,” Kwan said in a telephone interview Saturday.

Suluan and Homonhon are the farthest island-barangays of Guiuan, located within the Pacific Ocean area with a combined population of more than 7,000.

The town mayor said that sailing to the two island barangays (villages) under the prevailing weather condition would be extremely risky. “The waves there are so high which is very dangerous for ordinary or small pump boats to travel,” she said.

She said the only way to deliver food to the two islands would be by air but the town has no means to do it.

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