CamNorte dad wants all males get circumcised

DAET, Camarines Norte — It’s only a matter of time that all males, especially those of pre-teen age, in this province will all be circumcised, preparing themselves for manhood, at least physically and emotionally, once a proposed provincial ordinance is passed that requires all sons of Adam to undergo the Filipino rite of passage.

The two-page measure, ‘An Ordinance Launching the Annual Operation Tuli in the Province of Camarines Norte’ and to be otherwise known as “Tunay na Ulirang Lalake Ordinance” or TULI, was authored by Provincial Board Member Joeffrey B. Pandi.

He said that the local legislation, which has triumphantly hurdled its second reading the other day, is meant “to enhance the physical well-being of a boy or pre-teen, preparing him for early manhood and as a good citizen of his community.”

Pandi has asked the different civic organizations here, like the Rotary Club, Lions, Jaycees, and the Camarines Norte Medical Society to lend their support in the implementation of the soon-to-be-approved ordinance.

Lady members of the provincial board, while giggling over the deliberations of the proposed measure kidded Pandi if he was directing the intent of the ordinance to some male colleagues. “Wala ka bang pinatatamaan sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan?” they asked.


My Take:

I found this local legislation funny.  Pandi is trying to call his proposd measure as TULI yet it is rightly acronymed as TULO (Tunay na Ulirang alaki Ordinance).

Funny!   I suppose he’s a doctor or has received commission for doctors who will do the TULI en masse. Sana ibalik ang tuli sa tabing-ilog.  Yung mga dumaan sa ganun ang talagang tunay na lalaki.  Yun ang tunay na ritwal ng Filipino manhood.

19 Responses to “CamNorte dad wants all males get circumcised”

  1. Hugh7 Says:

    “Preparing him for early manhood and as a good citizen of the community”? HOW?

    Three out of every four men in the world is NOT circumcised, and they are very well-prepared for early (and late) manhood and are excellent citizens of their communities. Why should Pinoys need anything taken off to make them so?

    Cutting off the most sensitive part of the genitals has no magical powers. How could it have? And it is perfectly easy for a non-circumcised man to keep clean and healthy. The English-speaking world tried circumcision. Except for the US, they gave it up, and no disasters have befallen (there is more AIDS in the US). Customs can change. Some should.


    I agree with you. I must correct you though with one precise fact… circumcision doesnt ‘cut-off’ anything from a man’s genital. It simply slices off the skin on top of the genital’s ‘head’. As it heals-off, it sticks to the genitals body leaving the ‘head’ exposed.

    It is part of our culture. Back then, circumcision is a communal ritual. But now, circumcision is being commercialized thru the medical societies blabber about its supposed ‘hazard’ when its being done outside their commercialized medical offices.

    Barangay RP

  2. paleo_huntress Says:

    “circumcision doesnt ‘cut-off’ anything from a man’s genital.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. It cuts away the mucous membrane and more nerve endings than the head contains. The ridge of the foreskin is more sensitive than the glans and that is cut away as well. Once the protective moisture of the foreskin is removed, the skin of the glans becomes tough and keratined and becomes even less sensitive. It draws the pubic hair up onto the shaft and has been proven to make for drier, more irritating sex for partners-

    Circumcision removes the only moving part of a man’s penis- a part that nature intended and that has very specific and valuable purposes.

    well, as far as my penis is concerned, not a part of it has been “cut-off”.

    the Filipino circumcision simply slits the skin covering the penis’ head, slides it down, “cloth” the cut leaving the “head” exposed. as the cut heals, it gives the penis its popular look.

    circumcision is good for Pinoy because we live in a tropical country. the moisture your saying will quickly dry inside, and will become the the cause of that real bad smell, and sexually transmitted diseases.

    on the drier and irritating sex… well… maybe the girl is not enjoying the act the reason of her being dry.

  3. fred Says:

    Get real Hugh7. It is false to suggest only 25% of males are circumcised. It is also intentionally false and misleading to imply that Us has more aids. In African states more uncircumcised males have aids per rata. In fact WHO strongly recommends circumcision become the norm.

    Hugfh do not get cut, you maight lose some of your brain.

  4. mimeo Says:

    i hope it’s not forced because not all filipinos prefer to be circumcised,although the majority does,kasi meron din may gusto na may foreskin.

    i think there are more and more people who are having their babies circumcised in the philippines.
    its not forced. its a Filipino culture.

  5. mimeo Says:

    yup it’s a part of our culture,i prefer the tighter style of circumcsion

    i want to tell you that there is also a style of circumcision that removes the bottom part of shaft skin of the penis instead of the upper part near the glans then the remaining parts are joined,sabi ng mga nandoon sa isang google groups meron ng gumagawa nito sa pilipinas.

    meron din tinatanggal yung frenulum,without the frenulum,the circumcision looks cleaner,yung frenulum ay yung balat na nakumbok sa ilalim ng ulo ng ari.

  6. Hugh7 Says:

    Fred, I have redone the calculation and you are right: only 70% of men (seven out of every ten in the world) have all their penis.

    The US has more AIDS than where circumcision is unknown, such as Scandinavia or Japan, or rare, such as Europe or the UK. In seven African countries, Cameroon, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, Swaziland, Tanzania, and parts of Uganda, more of the circumcised men have HIV than the non-circumcised, according to the National Health and Demographic Surveys. WHO made its decision after a closed meeting of unknown participants, and we know that one of their leading proponents thinks he has a mystical destiny to promote circumcision.

    Methods that remove less or no skin are preferable, because of the sensitive and pleasure-giving nerves it contains (and the frenulum is the last vestige). “Looks cleaner”? Who’s looking?

    Mimeo, “part of our culture” doesn’t add any information: you might as well say “we do it because we do it”. Many evils were once part of culture, and some still are. Doing it to babies and putting boys under heavy peer-pressure is forcing it, and that is wrong.

  7. Mimeo Says:

    Insulting Circumcision is also offending to the circumcised people lalo na yung mga proud na circumcised.

  8. Hugh7 Says:

    Cutting parts of people’s bodies off (or making permanent cuts in their bodies) without their informed consent is insulting to them.

  9. mimeo Says:

    It is not when they will be happy on that,especially if it’s part of their culture.

  10. Hugh7 Says:

    If they don’t give informed consent, you don’t know if they will be happy or not. People may disagree with their culture. As Mimeo said, “i hope it’s not forced because not all filipinos prefer to be circumcised”.

  11. mimeo Says:

    circumcised men have a less problem in cleaning their penises

  12. Hugh7 Says:

    Circumcised men have less f u n cleaning their penises.

  13. Mimeo Says:

    supot ka kasi kaya di mo naiintindihan.

  14. Hugh7 Says:

  15. Mimeo Says:


  16. Miguel B Says:

    I am a 15 year old filo, and I agree so much with Hugh’s statements as, I too, am not circumcised.

    I think of it as mutilation that is simply just DISGUSTING. Why did this even have to be *invented* in our history. Guess what? Being supot, has no problems except for those who just blabber at you and being annoying to you in terms of one’s penis. I think that this is just plain ignorance to the medical procedures in Filipino culture.

    Thankyou for my *complete* penis.

  17. Darwin Says:

    I assume that circumcision was introduced to the Philippines through Islam as it appears to appears to be a religious rite amongst Muslims. It is certainly dying out in the west and doctors generally agree it is neither necessary or desirable.

  18. Andoy Supot Says:

    I’d just like to clarify some points. Mimeo said “circumcision is good for Pinoy because we live in a tropical country. the moisture your saying will quickly dry inside, and will become the the cause of that real bad smell, and sexually transmitted diseases.” I’m flabbergasted at the ignorance and scare mongering of this member! Firstly, the moisture produced under the foreskin does not dry up, it only becomes smelly if the owner is too lazy to wash. laziness is not cured by mutilation. Secondly, the transmission of sexually transmitted disease is caused by first contracting a disease then having unprotected sex with an unsuspecting partner, nothing to do with circumcision or the lack of it. Living in a tropical country? There are hundreds of countries along the tropics but I don’t hear them clamouring for circumsicion. In fact this just supports the 1st world view that Filipinos are ignorant and slow in development. I’m 50 years old, clean and healthy. I won’t give up any part of my body just for superstition.

  19. Andoy Supot Says:

    Mimeo, what’s your stance on female circumcision?

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