Congress Hearing on PDEA-DOJ Bribery Scandal(6)

Santiago claimed that Mrs Brodett texted one of his men saying “ano pa ba ang problema ng Gen. Santiago na yan e nabayaran na siya.”

Casiño asked Brodett if where did she get the idea the Santiago is already ‘paid’.

Brodett requested for her legal adviser, and so the solon allowed Mrs Brodett to skip answering his query.

Brodett’s relative attended the hearing too to clarify that they are not into drug pushing.  They confirmed that the Brodett in Alabang Boys is really a drug pusher and drug user.

Nagyabang na rin si Santiago sa kanyang intel work service, in his attempt to strengthen up his credibility.  He claimed that he’s the one who took the CPP purge ‘document’ seriously back then and it gave way, according to him, of the creation of the Operation Zombie.  He even cited the case of ABB then that he is the operator of its (ABB) ‘downfall.’

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