Congress Hearing on PDEA-DOJ Bribery Scandal(3)

The frat relationship between blancaflor and verano was raised by Rep Teodoro.

Verano admitted it.

verano sent the controversial resolution into blancaflors office hoping maybe that blancaflor can deliver it to gonzalez.  blancaflor is the bridge here, as i see it.  verano used his frat relation with blancaflor for the usec to deliver it to gonzalez’ table.

unfortunately for verano, blancaflor is not around so the lawyer asked payoyo, blancaflors secretary, to deliver it to gonzalez.

that’s the scene floating at this very point.


payoyo contacted blancaflor, and her boss advised her to follow up prosecutor resado, in a way giving me an insight that blancaflor in a way, acted as a good frat brod.

blancaflor is guilty here.

gonzalez denied talking to verano, regarding the controversial resolution.  gonzalez is steering clear here, and he’s clear, as far as the investigation is going now.


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