Congress Hearing on PDEA-DOJ Bribery Scandal(2)

Atty Verano attended the hearing too as a resource person and not as a legal counsel of the Alabang boys.

Gave a backgrounder of the case first.  Generally stating that the PDEA abused their power.  So he drafted the controversial resolution for the release of the Alabang Boys.

Admitted that its not a normal procedure and explained that he only did it to speed up their case.  He added that if he can convince the DOJ Secretary that day, the secretary can readily sign the order, and made it an official document.  Astig!  This shows an existing kutsabahan between the top honcho of the departments and abogado de kampanilya’s.  The missing link here is the outright admittance of it.  I dare say that Verano is not the only lawyer doing this, and gonzalez is not the only gov’t officer signing it (I think Gonzalez signed some same-natured draft resolution in the past — this government is corrupt for chrissake.)   And that’s my opinion.

You see it was all stage-prepared!  A presscon is to follow.

But Gonzalez said that he did’nt sign the said resolution.

Verano can kiss goodbye to his name and profession with this.

But the lawyer stood his ground.  He maintained that he is just a bit overzealous.  Golez countered that overzealousnes put some gov’t law enforcers in trouble because it causes human rights violations and legal blunders .

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