Bayan-Socsksargen makes noise against Cha-Cha

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (Bayan-Socsksargen/13 Dec) — Members of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – SOCSKSARGEN held a caravan – noise barrage in the streets and public of General Santos City Friday to protest the current maneuvers of the Arroyo administration to amend the constitution.

Edward J. Flores, BAYAN-SOCSKSARGEN spokesperson said that it is important to block Cha-Cha because it will prolong the agony of the people.

“Mrs. Arroyo’s lackeys in the lower house make use of the world financial crisis as justification to amend the constitution. According to Speaker Nograles, economic provisions must be changed to cope up with the crisis, but actually, it will be a total sell out of our national patrimony and sovereignty to foreign monopoly capitalists. It means plunder of our natural resources”, Flores says.

Flores also added that the people cannot simply trust Rep. Mikey Arroyo’s pronouncement that her mother is not interested in extending her term beyond 2010 as Mrs. Arroyo has the habit telling in -your -face lies.

“She promised not to run for presidency but ran eventually and cheated in 2007 elections”, Flores adds.

“What bothers us more is the conspiracy led by Nograles and the Arroyo brothers, Dato and Mikey to circumvent the law on Constitutional Assembly. They say that the Senate is no longer necessary as long as they get the majority of the members of the lower house and make the needed two-thirds, con-ass will take its course”, Flores continues.

The rule says that constitutional assembly will happen only if two thirds of the members of congress endorse it, with Senate and the House of Representatives voting separately.

“Because Senate is now neutralized because Sen. Enrile heads it now, the Nograles might bring the interpretation issue to court. Considering that Mrs. Arroyo appoints seven new justices next year, the Supreme Court might decide in GMA’s favor”, Flores concludes. (Bayan-Socsksargen)

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