TV reporter roughed up in police station

By Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
Visayas Bureau
First Posted 02:43:00 12/23/2008

Filed Under: Crime, Media, Regional authorities

ILOILO CITY – A television reporter suffered minor injuries when she was manhandled inside a police station after covering a traffic accident early Monday morning.

GMA reporter Charlene Belvis, 24, suffered scratches and bruises after she was hit several times by Andrea Gorriceta at about 3:55 a.m. at the Jaro District police station compound.

A video footage showed Gorriceta, 27, slapping the side of the reporter’s head, pulling her hair, and dragging her briefly inside the police station. The reporter was in tears.

Gorriceta was apparently irked after the television crew earlier took footage of her and her car. She told dyOK Aksyon Radyo that she repeatedly asked Belvis and her crew not to take any footage, but the crew persisted.

Gorriceta earlier bumped a woman, identified as Ria Aquino, while she was parking her car in front of MO2 Bar and Restaurant in Mandurriao District. She also hit a concrete post.

In a radio interview, Gorriceta said on Monday that she drove away after three men stoned her car after hitting Aquino.

The television crew found Gorriceta’s car along Jalandoni Street in Jaro and immediately alerted the police. But the car sped off to the Jaro station.

Belvis said they followed the car and the policemen to the police station and continued taking footage, including the damage to the car.

Gorriceta’s male companion tried to stop Belvis’ cameraman from taking the video but Belvis said the crew was just doing their job.

Gorriceta slapped Belvis while they were about to enter the police station. Minutes later, she again approached Belvis inside the station and pulled her hair and dragged her.

The network will file criminal charges against Gorriceta, according to Gerthtrode Tan-Baterina, the station’s supervising producer for news.

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