MILITANT GROUP WARNS: Thai-like unrest vs Charter change

By Thea Alberto
First Posted 13:59:00 12/01/2008

MANILA, Philippines — If administration lawmakers will not stop insisting on Charter Change, “a national confrontation” or something similar to what happened in Thailand is bound to happen, an official of a militant group warned Monday.

Bayan Muna secretary general Renato Reyes issued the statement following the announcement by Camarines Sur Representative Luis Villafuerte that they were getting closer to the target 197 signatures, as 167 lawmakers at the House of Representatives have signed the resolution calling for Charter change deliberations.

“The announcement shows the insistence of Arroyo and her allies to railroad Charter change through sheer numbers and with utter disregard for the law and public opinion. This will inevitably lead to a national crisis and confrontation,” said Reyes in a statement.

“There is now a greater sense of urgency to come together and stop this political abomination once and for all,” he added.

Reyes also seconded the statement by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago that a push for any constitutional amendment might pave the way for massive protests like those in Thailand.

“We are seldom in agreement with Senator Santiago but on this score she may be right. Pushing for Charter change and scrapping the 2010 polls would result in an untenable situation which the regime may not be able to survive,” Reyes said.

Reyes also said most Filipinos, and not only those from Metro Manila, were not in favor of Charter change.

“The anti Cha-cha [Charter change] sentiments are certainly not confined to Metro Manila. Bayan is working with religious, business and civic leaders even in provinces in efforts to oppose Charter change,” Reyes said.

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