(Photos) Launching of PANGATAMAN-Bikol

Bicol environmentalists and leaders of people’s organizations


hold a forum on Climate Change

Aquinas University, Legazpi CityI

November 15, 2008


PANGATAMAN-BIKOL was established on April 14, 2008 by leaders of people’s organizations, institutions, other  environmental groups and individuals to institutionalize the efforts and give more  focused activities to environmental campaigns.

Programs and Services of PANGATAMAN-BIKOL

■  Envikronmental education and trianing program
■  information and research studies program
■  Environmental management and development program
■  Environmental advocacy and networking rpogram


The issues on the Palanog cement factory in Camalig, Albay, the persistent mining  operation in Camarines Norte and the $130M Solid Waste Injection Project by the  geothermal plant in Tiwi mobilized different sectors in the Bicol Region to participate and  become active in environmental protection and conservation campaigns.

But it was Rapu-Rapu mining which awakened the consciousness of the Bicolanos.

Several regional and provincial organizations like Forum for Ecological Concerns, Save Rapu-Rapu Alliance (SARA), AKLAS in Sorsogon, and Anti-Lafayette Mining Alliance  (ALMA) called for the closure of the mining company.

Different actgivites were conducted to further broaden the campaign.

Out of these continuing environmental problems in the region PANGATAMAN-BIKOL was organized.

Most Rev. Lucilo  B. Quiambao, DD

Auxiliary Bishop of Legazpi

Ms. Beverly Ala

Executive Director, PANGATAMAN-Bikol

A lecture on Climate Change by Engr. Virgilio Perdigon, Jr.

Secretary General,  Aquinas University, Legazpi City



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