Public school teachers in rural areas lash at GSIS

VIRAC, Catanduanes: Public school teachers in far-flung villages here scored the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for harassment, cheating and negligence over their perceived accountabilities.

At least five Government Service Insurance System members who have recently retired or in the process of retiring complained that the government insurance agency has been warning them to settle their unpaid salary loans while others said they were not being paid their matured policies after the proceeds due them had been paid to cover unpaid loans, even when they do not have any loans.

Oscar Uchi, a high school teacher at the Tambogñon national High School in a coastal village in Viga town, who had retired recently said the GSIS database indicated that a salary loan of P84, 200 that he made in 2003 has not been paid when records of his pay slips including that from the Department of Education for salary deductions, had appropriately been submitted to the GSIS.

Another GSIS member-teacher from the same school, Gregorio Villaray, lamented that he is retiring by January next year but the GSIS is forcing him to pay his salary loan of P74, 500 when his records showed it was already paid in full.

Maria Salome Tosic and Maria Filipina Liveta, also teachers of the said school claimed they have not obtained loans from the agency but when their policies matured, the agency would not pay them alleging the proceeds due their policies were made to cover for loans they made.

Avelino Tumala, also a teacher said his P60, 000 GSIS insurance policy have already matured but he was informed by the agency its proceed was paid to his unsettled loans. “I don’t have a single unpaid loan,” Tumala said.

The teachers said the mounting problems confronted by public school teachers was never experienced under the old GSIS setup. If there was, these were minor the teachers added.

Salvador Manlangit, a retired agriculture technician at the coastal Gigmoto Municipal office said he was required by the GSIS to fill up forms for his e-card in Virac town in June. Then he was assured the e-card would be received in 15 days. As it were, he has not received until now the e-card that is the instrument for the withdrawal of his monthly pension.

GSIS members here also complained that even educational policies for their children could not be collected when their children reach college. They said some beneficiary-students have already graduated and their GSIS policy still remains uncollected.

The teachers appealed to the government and the GSIS to save teachers from this kind of mess saying they are retiring poor only to become victims of injustices from the state-owned firm. This is double jeopardy, the teachers said adding that their counterpart in the private sector never encountered similar injustices from the Social Security System.
— Manny T. Ugalde

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