(Running Account) Senate Investigation on Euro Generals

In Senator Roxs’ questioning, De la Paz denied knowing about the “Disembarkation Form” in Russia.  Roxas was puzzled about the “hiram” reason.

Roxas pointed out that the amount in question is therefore a simple “petty cash”.  Roxas asks what will happen to the money since they are not authorized to attend the activity in Moscow.  De la Paz pointed out then that as a payment, the PNP can get the equivalent amount from their benifits as retirees..


Biazon pointed that capital outaly even of intel money has a bidding too.  De la Paz agreed.


Roxas asked PNP Chief Versoza if what will the PNP do in the midst of the Euro General scam.  Versoza said that… 1. they suspended any foerign trip, 2. created foreign tech group para pag-aralan ang mga foreign travel issues, 3.tckling the transformation program particularly in the Comptrollership side, 4. re-lign bidding process to straighten up the PNP.

Roxas reminded the PNP not to just wash hands, but to be a partner, an active partner to combat corruption inside their institution.


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