(Running Account) Senate Investigation on Euro General

De la Paz made a memorandum of reciept for himself.  He signed it for himself.  Pimentel called it “self-executed” memorandum of reciept.

De la Paz recieved the money (in pesos) in Rentoy’s office at around 9 and 10am (he said afternoon first).

Its in P1,000 bills.

Pimentel asked why it is not in a form of cheque?  Why cash?

De la Paz said that Rentoy can not issue a cheque.  Pimentel suggested that maybe because to erase a paper trail.  De la Paz disagreed.

Pimentel asked why did not convert the euro into check? why cash?


Arejola and de la paz know each other for 8 yrs. Arejola is in construction, mining and trade, according to de la paz.


The Intel Fund Disbursing Officer stated that he sensed a problem when Rentoy asked him to release to him(Rentoy) the money amounting to P10M.  Rodriguez said that he issued a memo to his immediate officer and to Rentoy also, telling them that a violation is about to happen if the money would ever be released.  The Senate scored a point here.


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