Santiago wants Bataan nuke plant opened

By Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 10:41:00 10/13/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Faced with rising energy costs and the possibility of a power shortage by 2010, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has filed Senate Bill 2665 “mandating the immediate re-commissioning and commercial operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plan (BNPP).”

“Given the increasingly prohibitive costs of the present sources of energy and the unreliability of wind, solar and other alternative sources, there is a need to revisit and utilize the nuclear power option,” Santiago said in the bill she filed on Oct. 7.

She said the BNPP was capable of producing 620 megawatts, “enough to power the islands of the Visayas.”


My Take:

For God’s sake Ms. Senator.  Don’t use the Visayan people for your own political end.   Please find time to read numerous studies about the wind and solar power reliability, and discern that what u are saying in this news item is total ignorance.  Mismong ka-isla mo na si Gov. Perez ang nagpopromote nun.  Ni wala ka ngang ingay sa isyu ng coal fired power plant sa inyong Iloilo City eh, tapos ngyon eh, mgdadakdak ka na naman tungkol sa nuclear power.

Nuclear power plant is not the safest source of power, specially if it will be placed in the Philippines and operated by such a corrupt government like ours, and with a kind of armed forces like ours around.  Hay naku, the possibilities of accident because of corruption (tinipid na materyales etc.), and the military take-overs (we have a rich coup history here) are always there, putting millions of Pinoy lives in great danger.  At ano ang kapalit?  Power?  Are you sure that the cost of electricity will go down because of your nuclear plant?  Ow cmon Ms. Senator, dont treat us like an idiot.

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