Editorial Cartoon: (Melamine Controversy) Endorser


2 Responses to “Editorial Cartoon: (Melamine Controversy) Endorser”

  1. errol Says:

    can u plz give me advice how to be a professional cartoonist………….

  2. barangayrp Says:

    Hi errol:

    1. read and read and draw. read again and draw again.
    2. submit your cartoons to local dailies in your area, syempre, long with your spicy resume.

    that’s it. if you are hired or if your services was accepted as freelance, then you are now a professional editorial cartoonist. kasi, ayon sa global media, professional editorial cartoonist ka lang kung nappublish sa kahit isang dyaryo lang ang iyong mga gawa. 🙂

    good luck! you can send some of your work here! pwede kong i-post dito. yun nga lang, dahil free blog ito, di kita mabbayaran. pero this will be a good avenue to showcase your works. 🙂

    good luck!

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