Editorial Cartoon: (OFWs) Floater

With a big pabigat!

One Response to “Editorial Cartoon: (OFWs) Floater”

  1. Eddie Caparas Says:

    Requesting permission for use of Editorial Cartoon (OFWs) Floater. We are developers of fooreign language teachning materials for learners of various languages in academic institutions and for employees of the U.S. government. We would like to include the editorial cartoon in our lesson units for print and on-line.

    We will include appropriate copyright notice: COurtesy of Barangay Word Press or the copyright owner’s name in the acknowledgment section of our language teaching materials.

    Please address and send your correspondence to:

    Defense Language Institute
    1600 Willson Boulevard
    Arlngton, VA 22209
    Fax: 1-703-243-0761

    Thank you for your attention and consideration on this matter.
    Eddie Caparas

    Mr. Caparas,

    Thanks for noticing our cartoons. But at this moment, we will not allow you to use our cartoon/s. If i understand it correctly, you are making money out of it. So we will not allow you to use our cartoon for free.

    But if you really think our cartoon deserves to be a part of your material, then by all means, let’s discuss everything regarding it and in relation with it.

    You can contact us thru this blog.



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