2 Chinese products tested positive for melamine

MANILA (2nd Update 1:53 p.m.) — The Department of Health (DOH) released Friday names of two milk products from China sold in local supermarkets that contained melamine.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque identified Mengniu Original Drink Milk and Green Food Yili Pure Milk as the two China-made milk products that tested positive of melamine content.

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Mengniu Dairy Group Co., manufacturer of Mengniu Original Drink Milk and Yili Industrial Group Co., maker of Green Food Yili Pure Milk are China’s two largest dairy producers.

China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine reported earlier that about 10 percent of liquid milk samples taken from Mengniu Dairy Group Co. and Yili Industrial Group Co. are positive melamine.

The DOH also released 28 milk and milk products that were found negative of melamine contamination.

These products are:
1. Anchor Lite Milk
2. Anlene High calcium low fat milk UHT
3. Bear Brand instant
4. Chic Choc milk chocolate
5. Farmland skim milk
6. Jinwei Drink
7. Jolly Cow pure fresh milk
8. Kiddie Soya Milk Egg Delight
9. Lactogen 1 DHA infant formula
10. M&M milk chocolate candies
11. M&M peanut chocolate candies
12. Milk Boy
13. Nestogen 2 DHA follow-up formula
14. Nestogen 3 DHA follow-up formula
15. Nido 3+ prebio with DHA
16. Nido Full Cream milk powder
17. Nido Jr.
18. No-sugar chocolate of Isomalt 2 Oligosaccharide
19. Nutri Express milk drink
20. Pura UHT fresh Milk
21. Snickers fresh roasted in caramel nogut in thick milk chocolate
22. Vitasoy soya milk drink
23. Wahaha Orange
24. Wahaha Yellow
25. Want want Milk Drink
26. Windmill Skim Milk Powder
27. Yinlu Milk Peanut
28. Yogi Yogurt Flavored Milk Drink

Duque said appropriate charges will be filed against the supermarkets that sold the two Chinese milk products found positive of melamine despite the earlier ban ordered by the health department.

He said the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) will release on Tuesday results of 30 more milk and milk products that were tested for melamine content.

The DOH is testing more than 200 products from China for any presence of melamine, a toxic chemical, which experts said increases the protein level in the baby formula and since it is insoluble protein, it causes precipitates in the kidney.

BFAD Director Leticia Gutierrez said the two milk products from China that contained melamine were smuggled into the country.

Gutierrez explained that the two milk products bare labels in Chinese character, which means that these two were not registered by BFAD.

She further said imported products registered in their office should have English translations of the label. (Sunnex)

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