PLCPD Cries Foul Over ‘Malicious Attacks’ Vs Repro Health Bill

The Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD) took offense to the attacks being peddled by groups and personalities opposing the passage of House Bill 5043 or the Reproductive Health and Population Development bill. “PLCPD is a legitimate NGO made up of members of Congress. We are advocating for the RH bill solely for the improvement of women’s health and to uphold freedom of informed choice,” Ramon San Pascual, Executive Director PLCPD, clarified. “That is all there is to it. There is no hidden agenda behind this campaign.”

Among the false charges hauled against PLCPD is that it is a foreign agent illegally influencing policymaking in Congress. “We would like to reiterate that PLCPD was organized in 1989 by senators and congress members who are committed to pursue pro-poor policies and our track record can prove our commitment for human development legislation,” San Pascual said.

Among the important human development laws that PLCPD supported and championed in recent years are Cheaper Medicines Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Abolition of Death Penalty, Solid Waste Management Act, Solo Parents Act, Anti-trafficking of Persons, Anti-violence Against Women and Children, Clean Air Act, Local Government Code, Anti-Sexual Harassment Law, Anti-Rape Law, Women in Nation-Building Act, Magna Carta for the Working Child, Magna Carta for Senior Citizens, Family Code and Early Child Care and Development Act, Anti-Smoking Act and Clean Water Act, among others.

Like a typical Philippine NGO, PLCPD sources its project funds through foreign grants, particularly from American foundations and European church-related organizations. Although diverse in types and durations, all development projects of PLCPD fall within its mandate of “improved quality of life through human development legislation.”

San Pascual stressed that PLCPD cannot claim sole ownership for what the Reproductive Health bill has achieved in terms of raising awareness among the public and policy makers on the perils that the lack of such policy has brought to the country. “The opponents are giving us too much credit when in fact, the credit for the high success of this campaign is shared among many civil society organizations, represented by Reproductive Health Advocacy Network, and many groups in the business sector, government agencies, academe, interfaith community, women’s organizations across the country, and of course the courageous authors and champions in both chambers of Congress,” San Pascual added.

Despite the intensified counter-advocacy of the anti-RH bill groups, San Pascual is optimistic that the RH bill will see victory in the 14th Congress. “Their savage attacks and misinformation campaign confirm the oppositions are running out of arguments on the issue. It will not be long that more of our policymakers can see their malicious intent and realize the significance and urgency of passing this measure.”=##(PinoyPress)

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