‘Tagaytay 5’ slams attempt to jail them anew

By Niña Catherine Calleja
Southern Luzon Bureau
First Posted 19:25:00 09/27/2008

CALAMBA CITY — THE FIVE POLITICAL prisoners known as “Tagaytay 5,” who were recently ordered freed by the lower court, lambasted the recent attempt of the police to jail them for the second time.

On Sept. 8, the Tagaytay City Prosecutors’ Office, through prosecutors Ernesto B. Vida and Edgar A. Ambagan, filed a motion for reconsideration with the Tagaytay Regional Trial Court Branch 18, challenging the dismissal of the rebellion charges against the five filed two years ago.

The Department of Justice and the Philippine National Police charged the five of rebellion for allegedly planning to overthrow the Arroyo administration.

In a statement sent to the Inquirer, the “Tagaytay 5” called the motion a “legal maneuver” of the prosecutors’ office to hound them and send them back to prison.

“In effect, what the DOJ and the PNP are asking the court is our baseless rearrest and unjust imprisonment,” it said.

Tagaytay Judge Edwin G. Larida Jr. ruled that the five farmers were innocent of the charge of rebellion, and consequently ordered their release from incarceration on Aug. 20.

In a phone interview Saturday morning, lawyer Jose Manuel I. Diokno said the motion was a mere scrap of paper.

“It would be a double jeopardy as the case against the ‘Tagaytay 5’ was duly tried and dismissed,” he said.

The lawyers of the five filed a manifestation opposing the motion for reconsideration on Sept. 19.

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