Pinoys in Austria support Ferdie Gaite’s crusade

CORRUPTION in the Philippine government has undeniably reached catastrophic proportions. This is manifested in the controversial case of GSIS-Meralco-Court of Appeals being investigated by the Supreme Court, wherein one of the lawyer involved is connected to the First Gentleman.

On the other hand, GSIS Chief is Winston Garcia who filed the libel case against Ferdinand Gaite, Chirperson of the Conferedation for Unity of Government Employees (COURAGE) at Pasay City Court, that issued the warrant of arrest.

We, and all democracy-loving Filipinos around the world, will not allow this to further worsen. We uphold people like Ferdinand Gaite who have principles and enough guts to stand up whatever the consequences.

We at PINAS FIRST hold the Arroyo administration responsible for the repressive warrant of arrest issued for COURAGE Chair Ferdinand Gaite and call on the authorities to drop the charges against him. This is an obvious attempt to silence people who exemplify courage and moral force. It is an assault on our human and constitutional rights.

Manuel Sarmiento
Chairperson,PINAS FIRST (Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation)
Vienna Austria

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