Villar survived fresh coup attempt

Without much fuss, Senate President Manuel Villar, Jr. escaped another minority-led move to unseat him.

Senators Miriam Santiago and Juan Enrile, both part of majority bloc, confirmed this, and stopping short of naming the senator who tipped her about the plan, Santiago revealed that “he is an administration senator like me.”

Reports confirmed a “recruitment operations” to get the number against Villar, and Senator Revilla Jr, was among the approached. He reportedly rejected the idea outright.

But Senator Loren Legarda denied the rumors saying that the Senate has better things to do than Push for Villar’s ouster.
Legarda said she is in for an investigation of the “insertion” in the 2008 budget but not on moves to oust Villar.
Santiago, meanwhile, stressed that Villar will remain as Senate president as long as he enjoys the support of the majority of the senators.
Enrile, for his part, said nobody has approached him because of his declared full support for Villar.
“Nobody has offered me. Nobody has talked to me. And I’m still a member of the majority and I intend to be a member of the majority. There is no reason for me to turn my back on him. I’m not like that. When I work with people, I work with them full faith and credit,” Enrile added. (BarangayRP)

One Response to “Villar survived fresh coup attempt”

  1. JUn Grama Says:

    It is clear… The people behind Senator Lacson are also planning or atlest have an intension to run as President in 2010 election… And we can’t deny the fact that Villar is definitely qualified to occupy that position. Is it all about the “insertion” in the budget? I don’t think so… it’s about presidency… Lacson and his troop are just making Villar’s image marred…. tama nga yung katagang “PING” sa kanila…

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