Catholic Education Bits

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CEAP elected new officers

The Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP), on its National Convention held on September 11-13 at the Ateneo de Davao University, has selected its new set of officers for 2008.

Msgr. Gerardo Santos is the new president. He is currently the head of the Ministry of Education and Catechetics(MECS), and president of the Manila Archdiocesan And Parochial Schools Association, Inc.(MAPSAI). He is also the executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education(ECCCE) of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines(CBCP).

Here are the names of the new officers:

Vice-President-Fr Gregorio Banaga Jr, CM, Corporate Secretary-Dr. Carmelita I. Quebengco, and treasurer: Mo. Assumpta David, RVM.

Board of Directors are —David, Banaga, Quebengco, Atty. Ulpiano P. Sarmiento III, and Br. Armin Luistro, FSC.

Regional Directors are Region-NCR—Santos, Region 1-Fr. Ambrose L. Ponce, SVD, Region 2-Fr. Romeo B. Gonzales, MS, Region 3-Fr. Rufo Ramil H. Cruz, Region 4-Fr. Teodulfo B. Baria, Jr., Region 5-Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ, Region 6- Fr. Antonio Limchaypo, OAR, Region 7-Fr. Roderick C. Salazar Jr., SVD, Region 8-Mrs. Sonia C. Palami, Region 9-Fr. Antonio F. Moreno, SJ, Region 10 -Fr. Aureo A. Pati-An, Region 11- Fr. Danny C. Montaña, RCJ, Region 12-Fr. Eduardo Tanudtanud, OMI, ARMM Mr. Nestor J. Lemana Sr., CARAGA-Fr. Edito N. Alcala, DCS, CAR, Sr. Lourdes M. Dulay, ICM, and Superintendent Fr. Paquito G. Gallego

Formed in 1941, The CEAP clims to be the biggest organized group of Catholic schools in the country, with about 1,194 members.

According to its documents, the CEAP upholds quality Catholic education in the spirit of communion and service, guided by Gospel values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. But a number of student’s rights violation, campus press freedom violation and other labor-related cases are hounding some of CEAPs member-school.

CEAP seeks to advocate for government and NGO support to small member schools on issues affecting Catholic education, ensure effective and efficient delivery of services and programs in the national and regional levels, work towards financial viability of member schools, find ways for collaborative efforts among member schools, increase its visibility in national and regional levels while maintaining credibility and integrity in projecting its views and positions to the general public.

And yet CEAP is not so active on BEC organizing inside its campuses and the community surrounding them.

Teaching as a Ministry

Bishop Honesto Pacana, SJ, of the Malaybalay Diocese, urged the CEAP Convention delegates to view teaching as a sort of ministry.

In his homily, Pacana reminded the educators of the phrase, “Feed my lambs; Feed my sheep.”

Pacana explained that ‘feeding the lambs or sheep’ means influencing the students by good example, living the values of Christ and not just by words and deeds.

“It also means inspiring them to face and approach and face life full of joy, fulfillment and generous giving,” he said.

Pacana added, “feeding also means giving more attention to ‘the least, the last and the lost’ for lack of intellectual giftedness, social connections, culture endowment or economic standing.”

“You have to help them think with the Church and make them proclaimers in words and deeds of her social teachings of truth, peace and justice,” he said.

Ironically, The Jesuit-run Ateneo schools are popularly known for its high tuition and other fees. A number of Ateneo drop-outs pointed to this financial aspect of Catholic education as the culprit.

This tuition-thing has successfully transformed the Ateneo system into an elite academe for the elite class and the middle class, both capable of churning out wads of cash for a Christ-centered Catholic education.

COCOPEA blabbers on Eucharist in Education

The chairman of the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA), Fr. Roderick C. Salazar, Jr., SVD, has urged Catholic educational institutions in the country to continue to view the Eucharist as the sacrament that is the source of inspiration and strength in Education.

But Salazar is so intent on promoting the Eucharist that he deliberately forgot to state the equal importance of forming Bsic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) inside their member-schools.

The BEC, as a necessary pastoral program of a Diocese and Parish should find ample space also inside the very academe. The BEC, is the ultimate praxis of transforming a community into a living Catholic community, a community of churches made of flesh and blood.


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  1. Pastor Johaness Dingome ben isarel Says:

    and Charity Home
    a messianic ministry for the propagation of the Holy gospel and actions of love and altruism, to one another.


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    Our Ministry, The New Jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home, was created in Jerusalem in 1998, when, while student at the Hebraic university of Jerusalem, I was impressionned by the lack of generosity and altruism in our churches and ministries nowadays, when seeing what the jews of the diaspora were doing for the poor ones, in Israel, while we , the christians, whose LOVE is the legal testimony the Lord Jesus left to us as a will, remained still either absent, or words without actions.
    So, after my PHD, I decided to come back in Africa and create this ministry,The New Jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home.

    The New Jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home is made of many small groups of goodwilling men and women,young and old,widows and orphans also,motivated by the principles of the gospel, mostly on Love to all the children of God so much in need, from those abandonned in the hospitals,the prisons and other charity homes or simply,to those in the streets.

    Our main purposes by creating this ministry were :

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    We follow the same faith as Christ and His Apostles thus…
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    Therefore we are held to the same standards and laws as Jacob-Israel.

    THE RUWACH HA’QODESH (Holy Spirit) are three separate.

    We seek and pray for the guidance of the Ruach Ha’Qodesh, and follow
    the Sprirt where ever it may lead. We are not set “Hard Fast” to one
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    thus grow, learn and adjust our lives to the knowledge as revealed from
    the Ruach.

    We follow the Holy Days and Feasts of the Torah and the New Moon
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    We DO NOT follow traditions of men.

    We follow the complete LIVING WORD- Old and New Testament

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    We are not POLITICALLY CORRECT in our beliefs, and do not believe
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    called by the one and only missionary the Ruach Ha’Qodesh.



    Our community participates in many chritian,social and humanitarian activities here, and is divided in the following three parts:

    A- The Ministry Itself,
    and it’s Prayer Groups.
    These are

    – Serving in creative and new endeavours where the Gospel has not been heard.

    To encounter and celebrate God’s presence in the life, history, culture and faiths
    of the people among whom we live,and with no discrimination;

    – Collaborating with all our prayer groups and members to live simply and in
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    – Expanding prayer groups with multiple evangelisation campaign

    Dear brethren, our supportive services are designed to enhance the quality and productivity of the lives of all these abandonned human beings, program participants, staff and volunteers from our Prayer Groups, mainly, to provide model leadership in the alcohol and drug provider community,
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    We are happy to consider ourselves, in His name, an effective and compassionate ministry.

    B- The Charity Home,
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    – Programs of campaigns of prevention of prostitution,homosexuality
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    We particularly focus on children in the streets, victims of so many and wide abuses, by helping in bringing them with our limited means a kind of hope, healing, intervention, counseling, legal aid, support, medical referrals, education, safe-house in our Charity Home, wich actually has 25 rooms.

    We try to provide intervention assistance for some of those abused children, as well as legal referrals and support groups of our ministry, and we also provide food, shelter, medicine, educational support, counseling, and other necessary care for those abused and needy children abandonned in the streets, by all.

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    Many of them, young girls as same as boys, are victims of AIDS, and mostly, alcohol and drug abuse too, so
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    The Widows in majority and some children are also participating in our plantation, where we make some family farming, to produce enough food and vegetables to the children, for at least unable us to give a daily plate permanently, tough with no extra luxury, like meat, which is really scarce in their alimentation, but hope to have a poultry soon, and we are actually negociating a small lake, to produce fish at least, for the needs of the Charity Home and, if enough, we could sell also, to make some money for our needs.

    3 – The Souls To Souls Orchestra.

    Our greatest success and source of power is our Widows group of prayers first, followed by the Youth group, made mainly of volunteers and other school children, who visit poor peoples in prisons,hospitals or certain charity houses,and provide them with second hand facilities, like thosqe mentionned above.

    The Souls To Souls orchestra is our main source of bringing joy to peoples here, and we need it for not only making adoration and intercession through rythm, but also for our evangelisatuion campaigns.

    We also help in christian marriages and other christian ceremonies, in which we can also make some money, to take care of the Charity Home, and sustain financially the ministry.

    The orchestra, led by some volunteers and professionals in music, help also in detecting vocations in childre, and training them in gospel music playing.

    By far, this orchestra is also our main source of income, which permits us to lead the ministry and take care of the Charity Home, and avoid begging for help to peoples, or embarassing them with our financial problems mostly, in these crisis times.

    Very dear ones,to essentially expand the gospel in this part of the world,which is quite economically and deeply poor,while ignoring some moral,human and social negative aspects and disasters which are occuring here,would be a big mistake.

    So we try to do the best we can,with the Holy spirit assistance and in the imitation of the Lord Jesus Himself,as He did while on earth physically,and recomaanded us to do.

    Now, the main reason we are sending this message to you,is to beg for your spiritual and material assistance, in at least one of the following needs:

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    We are GENERALLY very much in need and very immensely in need Bibles for distribution, and of all kind of Christian Litterature and other pamphlets for distribution and teachings,and DVDs (for our public show room in our Christian Cultural Center),in English or in French languages, for the two languages are fluently spoken in Cameroon.

    2 – We would like you to help us also and mostly, with any second hand musical instrument, please, because our own we got by a gift of a late sister’s gift since 1998 are now so old and tired of so many repairs, that the can play no more, and we need some ones to replace.

    This orchestra being so important for us in the ministry, it a real preoccupation and sorrow in our minds, and this affects also our fiancial possibilities, because the orchestra produces to to us some money trhough the evangelisation camapigns, the concerts and other christian activities and feasts where we are invited to play, yet we have no enough money to afford the instruments.

    We MAINLY need: guitars( 3), a set of batteries, an amplifier, a console, one or two loud speakers and some saxophones and vans.

    Please do not force yourself in thinking only to the new ones, old ones will be very well enough, because we have some electronicians here in our ministry, who can take care of them.

    But if you can afford the new ones, it will simply be a greatest blessing.

    You need not also to send us all these intruments, for any amount you should have for us, even one, will be our part wanted by God, on whom we adress our thanksgivings and praises.

    Indeed, we will be very happy to see you if you so wish too,in the official ceremonies of the dedication of the Chapel and thanksgiving in the next christmas 2012 if God so agrees.

    By that dedication,we want to honor God our Father and His son Jesus our Lord for letting this chapel finish,and recommand and bless all those who have helped us with their contribution in the realisation of this immense work, The New jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home.

    This being an invitation already,we still expect you to confirm us of your paricipation,so that we arrange the visa requirements for you.

    So very dear in the Lord Jesus-Christ,these are the points of help we can say we present to you,and hope that with the inspiration of our Lord Jesus-Christ,you will be able to humanly assist us,in the level you can,and no more!

    Of course we won’t ask you to help us with the entire projects,or to carry the whole of our humanitarian perspectives, but just to act with your heart,and do what God Himself will permit you to give in rescue,contribution and encouragement for us.

    Dear beloved in His name,I have been very happy to let you be aware of the actual program we are on since a good time now,and the mission we have been revealed by Him Himself to realize here to these people of Him too,on His name and the only glory of Him alone,the Lord Jesus-Christ,and God His Father.

    We hope that you have been able to appreciate our efforts!

    We thank you also to pray particularly for us even so far away as you are,for God has no notion of distance.

    Please,pray for us also for the on-going of our ministry and mission,and that this ministry be full with God’s chosen children who are really willing to worship and serv Him,with no rejection or exclusion but Peace,Unity and love and understanding between all of them…

    Pray for us also,that the Glory of God and His presence might be evident in our Ministry through our daily actions and blessings of love,…

    Pray for us endeed,that we succeed to convert the majority of people here to quit their ancestral rituals and other traditions of sorcellery and witchcraft as it is so common here,and give all their lives to Jesus.

    We do pray for you also,and with all our profound heart and devotion,that Him blesses your Ministry already one thousand time blessed ,and multiply by thousands,your gifts in His name.

    With much Love and thankful heart,with all that you are for Him,we are happy to be your brothers and sisters too,in this lost poorest part of the world too,in His name,the Lord Jesus-Christ,the universal Lord and son of God,our Saviour and eternal redemptor,the reason of our living,and of our existence.

    Thanks in advance for all and please, unite your ministry into partnership in Christ, with our Messianic ministry and pray for our work to spread the YHWH truth in our Country, and the whole of our continent too,for we are all Torah observant, and encourage all to refer back, in our hebraic roots.

    Please do pray also for our services and our charity home of orphans.

    Here we’ll be all fervently praying for you, your blessed family, your staff your elders and our YHVH group.

    And, while we are prayerfully expecting your kind reply.

    May Him bless you abundantly too,that you always be that source of blessings,to others.

    God bless you abundantly.

    Yours Faithfully in the path and In love,

    Pastor Johaness Dingome Biyick
    Love One Another Chapel
    BP 5000 Bonanjo

    Tél: 0023773771002 / 0023794324327
    .Lord, Here I am, Your servant, on my knees before You. Please use me to touch the souls of people in many needs, and also in need of You. #AMEN #

    Scripture urges the church to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest of the Lord… will you answer the call from us ! “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” – Matthew 9:38

    You can also visit my Facebook Page, by simply searching for : Johaness Joszeph

    Pictures attached are of me, my ministry, my Pilgrimage in Israel, my visit to a sister New jerusalem Ministry and Orphanhood for War Childres in Sierra Leone, East Africa, and some children of my charity home.

    The New Jerusalem Ministry is proud to acknowledge the very special and close relationship that we have with YHWH our God, with faith, love to one another and hapiness, upon all the temptations, persecutions of this world, and a material poverty, which has nothing, but to confirm us that we aren’t in our home, here on this earth, under the sun.

    The Mount Zion Assemblies of Yahweh (Yahuweh) our chapel is dedicated congregation of YHWH believers in the hebraic roots inspiration,and has always been a source of joy and inspiration for all the members of the ministry.

    Yahuweh is clearly at work in our ministry, redeeming lives, establishing the Torah and preparing His People for the glorious work of the Kingdom!


    “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us” —James 1:27, New Living Translation

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