Public market has P70-M budget for construction

TABACO CITY: Barely six years after it became a city, another public market has started construction here even as the modernized Tabaco City Mall has remained inoperative after it was completed in 2002.

Ironically, the modern Tabaco City Mall funded at P180-million loan built during the term of Mayor Alex Burce has been standing idly right at the poblacion business center, a virtual white ele­phant, citing judicial obstruction.

City board member Julio Azada Jr. said the issue about the Tabaco City Mall, which is one of the best public markets in the Bicol region, should have been resolved a long time ago by the city government under Mayor Krisel Lagman-Luistro, except that she happens to be Mayor Burce’s niece.

But Engineer Rafael Prisbetero, chief of the Albay DPWH construction division said the new public market at the back of the Tabaco City Mall has a P70-million funding, P50 million of which comes from the pork barrel of Rep. Edcel Lagman (Albay, First District) and the P20 million from the city.

Engr. Cesar Sanorjo, DPWH project engineer of the Tabaco market said he expects the building to be completed in six months barring unforeseen circumstances.

According to Prisbetero, Rep. Lagman had also facilitated the release of P14 million for the construction of new municipal building for the neighboring Malinao town.

Mayor Billy Ceriola of Malinao town said he never expected his dilapidated municipal building could be replaced with a new one this early, adding that now the sleepy town that is the rice granary of Albay will now have a personality of its own.

Mayor Ceriola said DPWH project engineer Willy Bigol has assured him construction could be completed in five months.
–Manny T. Ugalde(ManilaTimes)

One Response to “Public market has P70-M budget for construction”

  1. erik @ film criticism Says:

    If I would have the choice, I don’t want Tabaco to become a City because there are still many people who don’t have jobs, and the crime rate would be higher. And capitalism would be ignited. And its saddening because it took a long time before the Tabaco Market or Mall becomes operational.

    Anyway kudos to Mayor Lagman and to Tabaco City

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