Blackout everyday, yet no power crisis says Paleco, Delta P

By Cheryl A. Galili

DESPITE the unbridled progression of total and partial blackouts in Puerto Princesa and municipalities of Palawan that’s already instigating annoyance from residents, independent power distributor Delta P said “there’s no power crisis, just unexpected malfunctions in equipment and faulty electricity lines.”

Engr. Edmund Abayon of Delta P explained to Palawan Times that unit 3 of four units they have that control the power system had suffered a problem and is now under repair.

It will take until the first week of September before it is restored to normal, he informed. Currently, only three units are working. “Even if only three of our four units are working, we are still able to supply the power requirements of Puerto Princesa and the municipalities,” Abayon said.

He added also that last August 16’s (Saturday) total blackout was because they were upgrading the transmission from Delta P to the Palawan Electric Cooperative (Paleco) switchyard. The load was only from Agreco and Palawan Power, two other independent power producers distributing electricity to subscribers in the city and municipalities of the province.

Boy Opiala, public information officer of the Paleco, said blackouts can’t be stopped from happening because they’re part of the “system.” Faulty electricity lines have something to do too with partial blackouts. They’re often caused by falling electric posts and tree branches tripping on power lines.

“We can’t be totally blamed for all these blackouts because they’re part of the system, we can’t stop them from happening. Even if we have our own engineers taking care of problems in our equipment, they will happen because we are using machines,” he said.

The power requirement of Puerto Princesa and those of other municipalities is being supplied by Delta P, Agreco that’s leasing the Irawan-based National Power Corporation (Napocor) and Palawan Power.

Delta P and Agreco are the primary suppliers that meet the requirement, while Napocor is on standby when the supply becomes short. Opiala added that Delta P also supplies the power needs of Aborlan and Quezon.

If Delta P switches on all its units, the surge of the load becomes too much and can cause total blackout, he explained.

Opiala furthered that in Puerto Princesa where protecting the environment is a commitment, it is difficult to just trim trees without going through the local environment and natural resources office.

“We have been sued by the city government on this,” he said. He explained more that if they need to cut down a tree, sometimes they only ask permission from homeowners.(PalawanTimes)

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