Msgr. Sañado to join fray at Casureco II board polls

By Jason B. Neola

NAGA CITY — It’s now official.

Responding to power-consumers’ mounting clamor, Naga Metropolitan Cathedral parish priest Rev. Msgr. Zosimo M. Sañado will run as director in the August 30, 2008 elections of the Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative (Casureco II) representing the Naga North District.

This, after he obtained the “blessings” of Caceres Archbishop Leonardo Z. Legaspi, who like many other well-known power consumers in the city such as Naga City Mayor Jesse M. Robredo and officers of various socio-civic organizations and the academe in the city have unequivocally urged him to further serve the people and parishioners beyond the vows of priesthood.

Casureco II is wanting for a much-needed reform, both moral and technical, in the light of controversies, ‘sins of omissions’ and excesses blamed on its board members and some department managers.

If elected, Sañado, for the fourth time, will again find himself performing public service which he first did 25 years ago when he was the parish priest of Holy Cross parish in Nabua, Camarines Sur.

While serving as parish priest in 1993, Sañado became one of the prime movers of the Nabua water district when he initiated to enhance and expand its services.

Nabua water district was categorized then as a depressed local water district when in 1997 the parish priest was elected chairman of the board of directors of the Nabua water district.

He recalled that he personally purchased all the necessary materials in the installation of main distribution lines and other pipelines in order for the water district to be able to access potable water from nearby Iriga water district.

He said the water project was financed by the money amounting to P400,000 which he personally borrowed from banker-businessman Fidel L. Cu, who is a family friend.

Now Nabua water district is categorized as medium water district. Its operations cover more than 85 to 95 percent of the entire municipality. Until now, he remains to be the chairman of the water district.

Sanado also played a vital role in pressuring the management of Casureco III based in Iriga City, which was then run by the Alfelors, to open to the public all transactions, financial records and other documents in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

He strongly called for change in cash-strapped Casureco III which at that time was suffering from various problems in terms of manpower and financial management, political intervention, and inefficient delivery of services.

With Licentiate in Sacred Theology as magna cum luade and Masteral Degree in Spiritual Theology, also as magna cum laude, which he both took at the Pontifica Studicrum Universitas a San Thoma Aquinate in Urbe in Rome, Sañado in 2004 founded the Nabua Parochial School where he is the school’s vice-chairman of the board of directors.


My Take:

This event is indeed interesting.

Interesting that the Archbishop himself allows the parish priest of its busiest parish to provide half of its attention to a private transaction.

Interesting that the priest involved took a public office 25 years ago, while serving as the parish priest in Nabua.

Interesting that, many people see him fit for the “public” job.

Beyond that, it would be interesting to know also if what happened to the parish when he held the said water district job.  Did he successfully formed Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) there?   Did he propagated the Social Doctrine of the Church there?  How about in his current capacity as the Cathedral’s head honcho?

A priest, and  a parish priest at that, requires all needed time and attention to mould its community of concern into a real Catholic community, and a discerning body of community.  And i think, snatching away half of his attention to this parochial job is the biggest mistake the Archdiocesan heirarchy has committed.

Pwede naman na naging consultant na lang siya.

But he still has some option to take, and its the right option.  That is, for him to resign as parish priest, or take a leave, just like what Among Ed did, and stop using his “Monsignor” label while serving in the CASURECO office.

After all, hindi naman trabaho ng pari ang mamuno sa CASURECO II.  Trabaho yan ng consumer.  And as a consumer, he has every right to participate and lead the coop.

One Response to “Msgr. Sañado to join fray at Casureco II board polls”

  1. C. Stanton Says:

    I know Monsignor Zosimo Sañado personally. From every possible way of telling, he has always impressed me with his dedication and concern for those in his flock. It was through his personal efforts back in 1993 that a p400,000 loan was obtained to install water distribution mains in Nabua.

    A man of the Monsignor’s power and position could enjoy many more perks and pleasures that he does. During my different stays with the Fathers of Naga City’s Metropolitan Cathedral, I have seen nothing to indicate the least sort of improper conduct.

    If you have evidence of anything to the contrary, I would ask for you to please bring it forward in a legitimate manner.

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