Journalist apologizes for Alfonso Lista slur

By Roderick Osis


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A JOURNALIST has apologized to the municipal officials of Alfonso Lista, Ifugao months after he exposed to the media the alleged threat of the town vice mayor to his and lady colleague’s life.

In his letter of apology, Redjie Melvic Cawis, an employee of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) based in the Cordillera and a photo correspondent of the national daily Malaya, clarified that the news broke out in the media of the alleged harassment of Vice Mayor Clarence Polig against him and another Malaya correspondent Malen Catajan did not directly come from him.

Cawis insisted that he did not issue any statement to the media.

“It was wrong on my part to have clammed-up on the issue. It could have prevented the undue defamation of Vice Mayor Polig and the good people of Alfonso Lista should have done this earlier,” he said in the letter.

“To set the record straight then, let me be candid – while socializing in the course of our interview, we were drinking liquor at the same time and unknowingly, I may have been insensitive to the culture and practices of our hosts. I could have behaved like a true gentleman and public servant,” he added.

During the town fiesta celebration on May 10, Cawis and Catajan, together with their driver, were invited by Polig to his residence after the two asked for an interview.

Allegedly, when the vice mayor was intoxicated, he apparently started a heated argument with the journalists saying their coverage was deemed illegal and accused them of trespassing.

The local official also told the duo that they had no “work order” with him and all dealings with the municipality had to have his approval.(Sunstar)


My Take:

Media organizations should investigate this sudden “apology” of this PIA employee.

I sense threat, money, and more threat in this turn-around of events.

Shame on him.¬† He’s not worthy to be called and treated as a media person.


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