Arroyo, Ginagago ang mga Texters?

Heto pa ang isang nanggagago.

In her State of the Nation Address on Monday, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo boasted that text messaging in the Philippines now costs only 50 centavos each message sent. She said this was her government’s response to the clamor by poor Filipinos to reduce prices — and text messaging being popular among the poor, the lowered price should be welcomed.

Ang hindi binanggit ni Arroyo sa speech niya is that itong 50 sentimos per text message ay promo lang nga mga telecom companies, hindi permanent o talagang rate from now on. Ayon sa report ng TV Pastol kanina, makaka-avail lang ng 50 centavos rate sa text sa kanila kung ang gagamitin ay ang 20 load at only at a certain period. Tapos, mag-a-apply lang ito sa prepaid, di kasama ng post-paid.

May ibang hirit naman ang grupong TXTPower tungkol dito. Sa isang press statement, sinabi ng grupo:

The economist Mrs. Arroyo is trying to cheat the public over the so-called 50 percent reduction in texting rates which she pompously announced in her eighth State of the Nation Address yesterday, according to consumer group TXTPower.

“The truth is, text messages may already cost less than 50 centavos. The forward march of mobile technology and the gigantic profit rates for the past years have lowered the cost of sending text messages to absurdly low levels, far lower than P0.50,” said TXTPower president Anthony Ian Cruz.

So uso pala talaga ngayon ang gagohan.

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