Put up or shut up, Barayuga told


ILOILO City – The waterfront barangays of this city host shabu “talipapa” or flea markets where pushers and buyers trade the illegal substance, said City Police Director Senior Supt. Wesley Barayuga.

“Instead of going to the radio, why not do something about it?” snapped Mayor Jerry Treñas yesterday upon learning that Barayuga disclosed the information over the radio.

Over DyOK Aksyon Radyo, Barayuga said the shabu flea markets are in either of these waterfront barangays: Gen. Hughes, Concepcion, Monica, Zamora-Melliza, Legaspi, Veterans Village, Sto. Rosario-Duran and Muelle Loney.

“(Barayuga) will be remiss in his obligation if he does not act on any information he has received. (If he) knows there is a criminal activity, why not do something about it instead of going to the radio,” said an alarmed Treñas.

Trying to downplay Barayuga’s disclosure, Treñas said the city government and other concerned agencies are active in the campaign against illegal drugs in the metropolis.
Barayuga should validate his information, stressed the mayor.

“It needs no instruction from me,” said Treñas, who returned to this city yesterday from Manila where he attended the State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Monday.

Barayuga admitted that police operations against illegal drug traffickers have become difficult, especially in the circuitous waterfront barangays where there are many nooks and crannies offering hiding spaces for the suspects.

Three months ago, the Iloilo City Peace and Order Council reported that illegal drugs have infested all barangays of this city.

While only 55 barangays were affected in 2007, illegal drugs have spread to all the 180 barangays this year, the council said.

Treñas himself noted an upsurge in drug-related incidents in the first quarter of 2008.
He directed the authorities to tap barangay tanods in the campaign against drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

The Peace and Order Council reported that in the first three months of 2008, 298 individuals (excluding illegal drug users) were identified by the authorities to be peddling illegal drugs. Last year, the Iloilo City Police Office’s watch list contained only 64 names for the same period.

The council is made up of six police precincts and their commanders, representatives, and officials from the city government, barangay officials, and tanods, among others.

Earlier, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez Sr. disclosed that several police personnel and officials of the city government were acting as protectors of a big-time drug lord in the city.

In December 2002, Task Force Waterfront was formed during the time of Chief Supt. Marcelo Navarro as regional police director, to address the series of criminal incidents in the area such as unsolved murders, drug trafficking, petty crimes such as snatching; smuggling and gun running, among others.

The waterfront was then a notorious haven of drug traffickers, smugglers, gunrunners, extortionists and petty street criminals.

The task force, right under the supervision of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6), was dissolved and replaced by Compact Waterfront when Chief Supt. Geary Barias assumed as regional director of the police regional office in August 2006.

Compact Waterfront was placed under the supervision of the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO). The Iloilo City Mobile Group (ICMG) of the ICPO augmented the Compact Waterfront force./PN

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