‘PGMA’s SONA epitaph for a dying country’

BACOLOD City – Militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan- Negros called the 8th State of Nation Address (SONA) of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the epitaph for a dying country.

Reacting to the SONA the other day, BAYAN Secretary General Felipe Gelle said the president is “the tsunami of the storm that brings the country into an abyss of crises.”

“Her blind obedience imperialist globalization that includes Liberalization, Privatization and Deregulation short for “LAPIDA” contributes to the fast sinking of the economy,” he added.

The economic situation is fast deteriorating and with the people’s backs against the wall, there will surely be thousands on the streets again because the president had given the people no other course but to air their demands through massive demonstrations, Gelle said.

“The real SONA would be that of poverty, hunger and injustice,” Gelle said.

“In no time during the past SONA has the economic crisis been this severe. Those statistics are meaningless to millions of poor Filipinos,” the Bayan leader said.

He also hit the government subsidies saying they are merely short-term remedies to quell unrest, not really to help the poor.

The Arroyo government has rejected medium to long-term relief measures like the removal of the VAT on oil and power, Gelle added.

Members from different militant organizations numbering around two thousand marched down the streets of the city and converged at the city public plaza where they torched an effigy of an octopus with the face of Arroyo to express their disgust over the present administration.

Gelle said if indeed the president cares for the ordinary people, she must resign and stop robbing the coffer of the nation./PN

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