Teachers’ group supports Council reso asking military to stop using public schools as camps

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 22:26
var sburl9107 = window.location.href; var sbtitle9107 = document.title;var sbtitle9107=encodeURIComponent(“Teachers’ group supports Council reso asking military to stop using public schools as camps”); var sburl9107=decodeURI(“http://www.mindanews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4782”); sburl9107=sburl9107.replace(/amp;/g, “”);sburl9107=encodeURIComponent(sburl9107);DAVAO CITY (KamKen 20 July) –The Kahugpungan sa mga Magtutdlo ug Kawani sa Edukasyon sa Mindanao – Alliance of Concerned Teachers Davao (KAMKEM-ACT Davao) supports the resolution passed by the Davao City Council asking the military to stop using public schools as militar)y encampments. “The presence of military in school premises does not only pose threat to the students but to the teachers and other personnel in school as well. We don’t want to be turned into human shield when armed encounter strikes, ” says Mr. Elenito Escalante, spokesperson of KAMKEM-ACT Davao.

“Notwithstanding the threat for safety, their presence also disrupts normal school activities,” Mr. Escalante added.

The teachers’ group also anticipates the possibility that the military might come across armed groups in areas nearby schools. “We are disturbed with the fact that during military operations, schools are being used evacuation centers resulting to interrupted classes that may last up to months. We worry that our students will not be able to sustain their schooling,” the spokesperson further explained.

KAMKEM-ACT Davao urges the military to stand by their oath to protect the civilians by leaving school premises.

for reference:
Mr. Elenito Escalante


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