A letter from Randy Malayao

Friends, relatives, fellow Libertarians and Human Rights advocates:

Warmest Greetings!

There is a pending motion/request from the State’s Armed Forces to transfer my detention from BJMP-Tuguegarao City , Cagayan to PNP Camp Crame Custodial Center and consequently, the venue for the trial on the strength of SC Circular No. 68-2005. This is the latest attempt to curtail my civil and socio-political rights as this is de facto Military Custodianship.

I rigorously oppose this transfer as this would be a convenient excuse for them to employ possible physical and mental harm, unchecked/uncontrol led tactical interrogation and confinement in harsh stockade conditions the way they did during my detention in a military camp. I have yet to overcome the stress and agony of having suffered non-stop physical and psychological torture that I had been subjected to under the hands of AFP & PNP officers on 15-20 May 2008.

I maintain that I am being detained on the basis of my political beliefs, a prisoner of conscience. I am innocent of all the criminal charges filed against me.. I am seeking all legal aid and remedies due me. I intend to file a Writ of Amparo and other options that the courts would provide for my security and protection.

I am appealing anew to all friends, relatives and fellow civil libertarians and human rights advocates to join me in my struggle to oppose and frustrate all attempts by the State to further curtail my rights and civil liberties and frustrate all moves to have me silenced.

I would be very grateful for all your unconditional help and continuing support.

In the service of the people,

Randy Felix Malayao


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