Youth Speak: I am proud we had Rizal


Rizal spent his life helping his country be it in the fight for freedom, curing the people, teaching the youth and building a home that is open for everyone. His being a hero is not based on how many battles he had been through but rather it is on how he helped Filipinos live on their own fight for independence and work with unity.

Rizal was the one who said that the youth are the hope of the nation. For me, this is an encouragement to every youth in any generation to begin life the best way they can. Truly, Rizal is a good inspiration to us to do well in our study, take every opportunity that comes our way and live our lives the best way we could. Through all of these Rizal teachings, many of us were inspired and made him a model that could be or must be followed.

His articles made the Spaniards aware that they are being fought by Filipinos for their independence. It was his writings that made most Filipinos, stand up and fight for their rights. Rizal wrote all his articles without fear of his life. He truly loved his country and he died for his country.

More than a century had passed but Rizal’s memories, his work and efforts are still commemorated for us to be proud of that once in our history we had a Rizal who stood up for our freedom. #

* Kristine B. Leygo finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Easter College, Baguio City

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