PB asks power coop to explain fees in bill

THE Iloilo Provincial Board is set to ask the Iloilo Electric Cooperative 1 (Ileco I) about the fees listed on its monthly bill.

A group from the Municipality of Oton asked the board to look into the alleged anomalies committed by the electric cooperative.

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Kontra Selos, Incorporated (Kontra System Energy Loss, Incorporated) had asked weeks ago for an explanation from Ileco 1 on its policies concerning meter reading, meter cutoff, and distribution of electric bills.

But Malvin Nad, Ileco 1 board of director, allegedly neglected the group’s request, and this pushed Kontra to study the components of the electric bill.

The group said it has found some discrepancies in the electric cooperative’s power rate charges.

“We found out that aside from the generation charges, Ileco 1 has included additional charges entitled components of an unbundled electric bill,” the group’s statement said.

Kontra Selos said the unbundled components of the electric bill should be shouldered by Ileco 1 and not by the end users.

Included in the unbundled components are the metering charge and power cut-off charge.

Moreover, the group alleged that bills of consumers who failed to pay their dues were also charged on other consumers. (EC)

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