Parents denounce illegal fees collected by principal

Silang, Cavite: About 1,000 parents of students enrolled at Bulihan National High School staged a protest rally at about 7 a.m. Wednesday, calling for the ouster of Bessie Medina, the school principal, for allegedly authorizing the collection of several fees not endorsed by the DepEd such as acrobatic fee, P50; field trip, P60; Science camp, P40; acquaintance party, P30; computer fee, P300; canteen rental, P300; film showing, P75; medical fee, P70; Bingo, P10; commendation fee, P70; and big canteen, P25,000 per month.

Eleven barangay captains who supported the rally took turns in addressing the crowd, while councilors Lamberto de Castro and Gigi Loyola talked with the leaders of the protesters to encourage them to practice sobriety during their protest rally.

Silang chief of police, PCI Christopher Olazo, deployed some 50 policemen with headgears, shields and truncheons around the vicinity to avoid any untoward incident.
— Roger Limpin(ManilaTimes)

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