Rural Missionaries of the Philippines to hold human rights walk

DUMAGUETE, May 29, 2008—The Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP), Church Peasant Conference (CPC) and Promotion of Church People’s Rights (PCPR) are jointly going to hold a human rights walk, peace and social justice.

Prior to the walk, a forum at the Chapel of Evangel at the Divinity School of Silliman University will be held, said Melvin Rabelista-Koerkamp, coordinator for Negros Oriental of the RMP, in a statement.

He said the activity aims to inform the public and condemn the prevailing state of affairs on human rights violations in the country.

“By taking part, we may contribute to the spreading of God’s liberative teachings and pave the way for genuine peace,” said Koerkamp.

The human rights walk is one of the answers of the church groups to the escalating human rights violations, including arbitrary and unlawful detention; forced and fake surrender, threats, grave coercion, illegal search, seizure, enforced disappearance, forcible evacuation and displacement of the rural folks, said Joseph Lagorra, coordinator of PCPR.

“The Church faces the challenge of protecting God’s flock from evil and oppression violating their human dignity. In any way possible within each of our ministries and mission (the challenge) is to evangelize the truth and to stand with the marginalized struggling poor,” said Lagorra. (Santosh Digal)(CBCPNews)

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