No home for Lumad children

By BARRY OHAYLAN   |   Davao Today

MOTHER’S LOVE. Lumad (indigenous peoples) women from Compostela and Monkayo towns take care of their children in evacuation sites. Fearing for their lives, the evacuees left Compostela gym, where they first took refuge, to travel to Davao City (three to four hours by bus), after government troops frequent the gym to lecture the evacuees about their enemies, the Communist New People’s Army. They want to go back home if the military troops leave them and their communities in peace. ( photo by Barry Ohaylan)

NO HOME FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. A total of 83 Lumad (indigenous) children are forced to leave their homes in Compostela and Monkayo towns as government troops continue their operations against the New People’s Army. Often caught in the crossfire, sometimes, subjected to military harassments and intimidation, more than 30 Lumad families leave their homes and end up in Davao City’s Bankerohan gym on May 16, where they take refuge. The evacuees first stayed in Compostela gym, but were hounded by government troops there. ( photo by Barry Ohaylan)

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