‘Arroyo statement on tuition vindicates student protests’ – campus press

May 27, 2008


Sarah Katrina Maramag, Public Information Officer, 09193486790
Vijae Alquisola, National President, 09162034402

‘Arroyo statement on tuition vindicates student protests’ – campus press
CEGP demands public apology from Arroyo, ‘moratorium on violent dispersals, harassment’

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) today said that Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo‘ s latest statement calling for a freeze in tuition hikes vindicates students’ protests.

The CEGP said in light of Arroyo’s recent statement, students who have endured violent dispersals, harassment and violations of students’ rights to assemble and freely express themselves on tuition and other education-related issues deserve no less than a public apology from schools administrators, authorities and the President herself.

“Students from all over are not the least bit appeased by Arroyo’s latest statement. While it vindicates students’ protests and actions against the rising cost of education, it does not guarantee that students’ rights will be respected from here on,” said newly-elected CEGP National President Vijae Alquisola.

Moratorium on violent dispersals, harassment and repression of students
“Pres. Arroyo owes students an apology. She should also order for a ‘moratorium on violent dispersals, harassment and repression of students,'” Alquisola said.

Alquisola said that countless violent dispersals and harassment of student leaders have been results of students’ assertion of their right to education.

He cited the police’s brutal dispersal during the government-sponsore d education summit last January of this year where six students were nabbed while 23 others were seriously injured.

Alquisola also demanded the withdrawal of false theft charges against Tandem editor Ma. Criselda Diocena. Tandem is the official campus publication of the University of Northern Philippines, and a member publication of the CEGP.

Diocena was charged with theft by UNP-Vigan which accused Diocena of stealing a computer CPU (central processing unit). Diocena has denied the charges and has cried harassment by school administrators because of her hard stance against the university’s proposed tuition increases.

Diocena was unable to get a clearance to take her final exams this summer and, as a result, is unable to enroll for the incoming school year.

The CEGP said that it is set to release a primer documenting other cases of harassment of students and repression of students’ rights in the following days. ###

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