Student union hits Ched for review order extension

A NATIONWIDE alliance of students last Sunday slammed the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) for its failure to stamp out the growing number of fly-by-night review centers in the country.

This, the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) said while reacting to the Ched’s move to extend the imposition of Executive Order (EO) 566.

Under the said order, independent review centers are directed to integrate to existing schools, as a means to prevent “unscrupulous and purely money-making schemes in the guise of review centers” from proliferating.

The planned imposition of EO 566 came about after the Northcap Review Center in Baguio City hoodwinked some 1,067 nursing reviewers and ran away with P1.2 million in registration fees.

“Ched should seriously look into the quality and capability to operate of the numerous independent review centers that have mushroomed in cities all over the country,” NUSP secretary-general Henrie Enaje said.

Enaje cited as a perfect example the 2006 Nursing Licensure Exam (Nlex) controversy, where answers to several questions in the exams were allegedly leaked to examinees in three review centers.

After the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) conducted an investigation into the reported leakage, the nursing examinees were asked to retake the exam on a voluntary basis.

“We sincerely hope that such scandals as those of the nursing board exam leakage two years ago, in which several review centers were implicated, need not further take place before Ched officials take action,” Enaje said.

The group said aside from conducting a “circular review” of all existing review centers, Ched should also be stringent in coming up with clear guidelines before awarding accreditation.

Upon requests from several independent review centers, the Ched on Wednesday extended for another six months the deadline for these centers to obtain accreditation from respective school institutions.

Independent review centers sought for an extension, saying they have yet to finalize documents and other requirements for registration.

The order of extension was given out despite strong opposition from the Federation of Accredited Review Centers of the Philippines (FARCP) and the Excel Review and Training Center (ERTC).

The FARCP said being complacent in imposing deadlines would only show a “lack in political will” on the part of Ched to rid the education sector with unregistered review centers. (AH/Sunnex)

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