Tulungan Natin si Randy

Dear Fellow Guilders,
We all probably know by now what happened to Randy Malayao, a sterling activist who served as CEGP Vice President for the Visayas from 1991-95. To summarize, he was abducted last May 15, illegally detained, held incommunicado and tortured for five days and then presented by the AFP and PNP to the media on May 20 as an alleged ranking CPP-NPA-NDF official in the region.
In what appears to be a case of guilt by association, he is currently charged for various crimes in several courts in Isabela and Cagayan by virtue of his alleged position in the revolutionary movement. (For more details, please refer to the attached Karapatan Urgent Action Alert).
Randy has denied the charges against him. For its part, the NDF in Cagayan Valley asserts that Randy is an unarmed NDF political consultant covered by immunity under the GRP-NDF peace process.
Whatever the case, WHAT IS CLEAR IS THAT RANDY NEEDS OUR HELP. His rights have been violated, he continues to be under threat of physical or mental harm, and the government appears to be unjustly charging him with a slew of common crimes (including six murders!) to demonize him and stop his political activities.
What we can do
In a meeting last Thursday (May 22), a number of Guilders met and agreed to take all steps to ensure that Randy’s rights are respected, that he is accorded due process, and that his safety and well-being is assured. In this regard, we decided to embark on the following:
1. A delegation to visit Randy in the Cagayan Provincial Jail, Tuguegarao on June 7-8.
2. A fund-raising activity for Randy’s legal defense fund on June 14, Saturday, 7:00 p.m. somewhere in Quezon City.
Tickets will be priced at P300 but we appeal to everyone to please give more. We are scouting for pro-bono talents who can render music or poetry, visual artists who can donate some works that we can sell, and of course, donations or sponsorships of food and/or drinks so that we can raise more funds. If you also know a place where we can hold the activity for free or with minimal cost, please inform us.
We encourage alumni Guilders in other regions and provinces, especially in the Visayas, to hold similar activities for our dear Randy.
Who you should contact
If you are interested in joining or helping in any of these two activities, or if you have any other ideas, please contact Jaz Lumang at mobile no. +639277404663 or email <jaz_buncan@yahoo.com>.
Fellow Guilders, tulungan natin si Randy!
Thank you very much. Please pass this letter to other Guilders you know.
Rep. Teddy Casiño
Bayan Muna Party LIst
CEGP National President, 1991-94
i deleted parts of Teddy’s letter (regarding the delegation to visit randy). if you are an alumnus of the guild, kindly contact the above-mentioned names and numbers for the detail.

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